MDA return to Nepal for more babies

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After yesterday's second Quake in Nepal, MDA Israel has just advised JR that that they are going back to fetch more babies. A delegation is being sent to Nepal on Wednesday afternoon to retrieve a new lot of babies which are currently being kept in a heated van outside of any buildings due to the fear of their collapse. MDA’s joint delegation departs from Ben Gurion airport heading for Kathmandu at 3.45 this afternoon. SEE HOW YOU CAN HELP...
by Jewish Report | May 13, 2015

The statement from MDA to Jewish Report reads as follows:

UPDATE: after evaluation of the current situation in Nepal, MDA Director General Eli Bin has confirmed that an MDA joint delegation will depart for Kathmandu from Ben-Gurion Airport at 3:45pm today.

The delegation includes a Neonatologist, ER nurse specializing in premature babies, and MDA paramedics.

The mission of the delegation is to safely bring the babies home to Israel, some of them are very vulnerable as they require special medical attention.

Currently the babies are being kept in a heated van outside of the buildings due to the fear of their collapse.

MDA is continually coordinating with the relevant authorities including the Israeli Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Interior.

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Israel had the largest contingent of people on the ground in Nepal after last month's quake


  1. 4 Choni 13 May
    What? More assistance for Israeli Sodomites!.
  2. 3 Jonathan 14 May
    Choni, you are not any better than the Sodomites! Homophobian!
  3. 2 Joshua 14 May
    as a proudly Jewish South African I recently commented that I was so sick of choni using this platform to drive his personal agends and that I was not going to come back. Of course I thern realised that I ws cutting my own nose to spite my proverbial face - as I cant get this news anywhere else.
    Something seems amiss here. Chony is the great SA aliya driver, thinks everything about SA is bad and about Israel good. I thought he was the only SA Jew who he was prepared to excuse for living here becos Israel didn't work out for HIM - and his grumpiness about this out on all other SA Jews.
    Now he reveals a madness about Israel. Maybe he should go to Uganda where nobody minds Jews and everybody hates sodomites. I am sure both SA and Israel will be glad to be shot of this grumpy old self-hating man
  4. 1 Alon 08 Nov
    How and where are the funds that are collected on behalf of the MDA distributed?


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