Prof Friedman denounces 'I Love Hitler'

  • Jerusalem catacombs cemetery
“If I had lived in Hitler's Germany, I would have been sent to a death camp simply because I am Jewish,” posted Friedman on Facebook. A strong supporter of the Palestinian cause, Friedman refused to remain silent on this issue: “We are also entering very dangerous territory,” he wrote, saying that he is “thinking here of the claim that Wits's Vice-Chancellor bowed to "Jewish money power". Language like that cost millions of lives in Europe - anyone who uses it is a racist, not a friend of racial transformation,” posted Prof Friedman.

We are entering very dangerous territory when open support for a racist mass murderer is regarded as a contribution to the black struggle against racism.

Jerusalem catacombsTo state the obvious: If I had lived in Hitler's Germany, I would have been sent to a death camp simply because I am Jewish. If I was a Slav or a gypsy or gay I would have been sent to the same death camp simply because of who I was.

If I was black I would have been enslaved or worse.

Hitler killed at least 12 million people - millions of whom were not Jewish - simply because of their race and the only reason he didn't kill millions of blacks is that there weren't any in the areas he conquered.

And yet we now see attempts to portray support for Hitler as a protest against white racism! It is impossible to support anyone who admired Hitler and still claim to be an anti-racist. Unlike many of those who mouth off about black consciousness, I was privileged to know Steve Biko and he would have been revolted at anything like support for Hitler.

So would Frantz Fanon or any of the other black anti-racist thinkers who are so glibly quoted by those who are so quick to paint racist bigotry as a demand for racial transformation?

We are also entering very dangerous territory when the language used to defend Hitler's defender comes straight out of crude Nazi texts - I am thinking here of the claim that Wits's vice-chancellor bowed to "Jewish money power".

Language like that cost millions of lives in Europe - anyone who uses it is a racist, not a friend of racial transformation. I believe that the sad reality here is that too many who pass themselves off as 'left' in this country are actually right-wing racists.

And the other sad reality is that those who have taken over the struggle for Palestinian rights in SA from the anti-racists who used to run it are destroying the movement by allowing it to be linked to crude racial bigotry.

The fight for real racial transformation in this country is important - too important to be sold out by racial bigots pretending to be on the left. The fight for Palestinian rights is also important - too important to be left to those whose failure to distinguish between an ideology (Zionism) and a people (Jews) has brought shame to the movement

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  1. 9 Gary Selikow 25 May
    As a racist against Israelis, Steven Friedman has no room to point fingers. Friedman detests all Israelis-he has written an article in the past saying even the Israeli left are not acceptable.

    the hard left also today violently suppress any idea that anti-Zionism may be
    linked ever to anti-Semitism, disseminating the lie that any reference
    to a relationship between the two is a sinister Zionist plot to deflect
    condemnation of the occupation and the great Israeli crimes supposedly
    committed against the innocent Palestinians.
    And yet Anti-Zionism is
    the conviction that Israel, of all the world's countries, does not have
    the right to exist. It is the conviction that the determination of what
    constitutes Israel's 'secure and defensible borders' should not be made
    by the Israeli people, either directly or via representation.
    constitutes today the world's largest Jewish community , with the
    numbers of Jews living in Israel approaching nearly half of the world's
    Jewish population. Any destruction of Israel would mean a second
    holocaust of Jews. The anti-Zionists claim that they are not
    anti-Semitic as they only hate and want to harm Jews who live in Israel.
    This is as absurd as claiming one is not a racist as one only hates and
    wants to harm Blacks who live in Africa , not Blacks elsewhere. The
    enemies of Israel want the physical elimination of the Jewish people
    from the Land of Israel. This constitutes anti-Semitism.
    The point is that they want a Judenreihn "Palestine" the same way that Hitler wanted a Judenreihn Europe.
    Jews in Israel are targeted for one thing , being Jews.
    The anti-Zionist believes that the only children, who it is justified to murder are Jewish children (in the Land of Israel).

    Someone who is prejudiced against Israel or Israelis is just as much a bigot as someone who is prejudiced against Jews per se.

    point is that anti-Zionism should be treated the same as anti-Semitism
    BECAUSE the aim is to destroy the Jews of Israel the same way the Nazis
    destroyed the Jews of Israel.

    I just find it interesting that if
    somebody is against British Jews they are anti-Semitic, if they are
    against American Jews they are anti-Semitic , if they are against
    European Jews they are anti-Semitic , but if they hate Israeli Jews they
    are merely 'anti-Zionist' but not anti-Semitic.

    As Judea Pearl
    puts it : "As a form of racism, anti-Zionism is worse than
    anti-Semitism. It targets the most vulnerable part of the Jewish people,
    namely, the people of Israel, who rely on the sovereignty of their
    state for physical safety, national identity and personal dignity. To
    put it more bluntly, anti-Zionism condemns 5 million human beings,
    mostly refugees or children of refugees, to eternal statelessness,
    traumatized by historical images of persecution and genocide. "
  2. 8 Myron Robinson 26 May
    Welcome to the real world Steven. Perhaps in time you will realise that when the BDS, COSATU ANCYL & the Liberal left etc. attack Zionism they are merely playing on words when in fact they really mean "all Jews". Do you think that you will be treated different to any other Jew when these anti-Semites eventually get what they want.
  3. 7 nat cheiman 27 May
    UCT, WITS & RHODES universities have all been transformed (read trashed).
    That is what what many  black & white students want
  4. 6 Dave Bloom 28 May
    I suggest Friedman needs to highlight in more depth to the so called Hitler-lover from the Wits SRC to do some basic research on the fate of the blacks under Nazi Germany. Start here

    Hitler's rise to power resulted in the deaths of some 60 million people in World War II - shame on anyone who praises that man. Bigotry is the direct outcome of poor education and a lack of values and South African society must be concerned that its university student leadership is displaying symptoms of both.
  5. 5 Tabby Katz 30 May
    Though I do not agree with any of professor Steven Friedman's views on Israeli-Palestinian issues, he presents an eloquent case in his denouncement of the 'I love Hitler' debacle. Sorry Mr Selikow but his right to articulate his views is as inalienable as yours. Ironically, if the controversial Professor was travelling on an Israeli bus or ambling down a Jerusalem or Tel Aviv street, no Palestinian extremist hell bent on carrying out a terror attack would spare his life; even if he was wearing a neon sign that said "Non subscriber to Zionist ideologies."
  6. 4 Gary Selikow 04 Jun
    Tabby, Friedman's right to articulate his views does not extend to hate speech against Israelis
  7. 3 Tabby Katz 04 Jun
    To reiterate what I said in an earlier post I vehemently disagree with all of Friedman's anti-Zionistic / anti-Israel views. At the same time I strongly doubt whether his opinions can be construed as hate speech. Carefully analyse what he has said about Israeli-Palestinian issues in the past and you'll find that although his sentiments differ vastly from yours and mine, labelling them as 'hate speech' evidences unjustified hysteria.  
  8. 2 Gary Selikow 05 Jun
    Really what do you call shouting at a pleasantly articulate SAUJS leader at a public debate that he is an 'evil Zionist' or writing on hi face book page after the Fogel Family murders that 'the children of Israel must pay for the sins of their fathers'?
  9. 1 nat cheiman 11 Jun
    An appeaser, (Prof Friedman) is one that feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last .( Winston Churchill)


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