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    SAUJS leaders want to meet their elders

    Jun 16, 2015 Go comment!
    The SA Union of Jewish Students has invited the community to attend a Gala Dinner next month. While its billed as an “Alumni” event, SAUJS’ special project portfolio head, Cayla Urdang, assured SAJR Online today that “everyone's welcome.” They hope to “recapture the spirit of previous generations of student activists,” and SAUJS is asking the community's help “to track down as many SAUJS Alumni as possible.” They are also looking for memorabilia. Read how you can help SAUJS, and all about that Banquet, too.
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    16 June ’76: Tragic day for a great SA Jew

    Jun 16, 2015 1 Comment
    A brave Jew died in the Soweto Uprising due to his compassion for the community. Little-known hero Dr Melville Edelstein’s life started in the stereotypical manner of almost all SA ‘Litvaks’, But he was by no means typical. A respected academic, he had the ear of PM Vorster & his Cabinet. When Edelstein - who worked in Soweto, shared a thesis with Govt outlining the dangers they faced, his warnings fell on deaf ears. If those who stoned him knew who he was, he wouldn't have been murdered - or called him a “bleddie wit k*****”! He was subject of a documentary film (linked)
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