Growing criticism of Israel in Diaspora

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JERUSALEM (JTA) — Diaspora Jewry is increasingly critical of Israel and young Diaspora Jews are growing more alienated from the Jewish state, a new study found.
by JTA | Jul 24, 2015

The study, released this week by the Jewish People Policy Institute, an influential think tank based in Jerusalem, comes a year after Israel’s war in Gaza. Titled “Jewish Values and Israel’s Use of Force in Armed Conflict: Perspectives from World Jewry”, the report looks at how non-Israeli Jews view Israeli military actions and how Diaspora Jews should respond.

Diaspora Jews tend to support and understand the military actions, the study found, but also “doubt that Israel truly wishes to reach a peace settlement with the Palestinians.” The study added that “few believe it is making the necessary effort to achieve one,” particularly among younger Jews.

Israel’s military actions affect them, Diaspora Jews said, whether exposing them to physical attacks or changing their interactions with non-Jews. The study said that many Jews feel uncomfortable with being forced to serve as “ambassadors” for Israel.

Because of the effect that Israel’s actions have on their lives, according to the study, Diaspora Jews said they want Israel to consult Diaspora Jewry on sensitive issues.

The study was based on discussion groups with Diaspora Jews, as well as questionnaires and survey analysis.


  1. 4 Gary Selikow 24 Jul
    Diaspora Jews who dont live with the dangers of what Israelis live with simply have no right to condemn Israel.
    We all know that G-D operates on the principle of mida keneged mida, (measure for measure) if diaspora Jews react to the the troubles and dangers suffered by Israelis with indifference or even hostility , how do they expect Hashem to treat them when they come under danger.
    These people don't appreciate that Israelis are also entitled to human rights.
  2. 3 nat cheiman 24 Jul
    There should not be a settlement at all. Read Num; 33:56
    All inhabitants who are hostile ie arabs, should be driven out. The diaspora Jews must accept that or perhaps learn to live with that. Finish and Klaar ( Jackie Selebi rip)
  3. 2 Choni 27 Jul
    I agree 100% with Gary and Nat. The only criticism that should be levelled at Israeli leaders is that they have been too slow in following Torah directives
  4. 1 Denis Solomons 27 Jul
    The reality is that without Israel, Diaspora Jews would be non-entities and almost cease to exist .


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