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Within an hour of JR Online posting “What Madiba said & meant” last week, quoting the actual speech of Madiba that anti-Israel proponents worldwide so liberally like to misquote, “BDS Works” and “Adam Levy” had availed themselves of SAJR’s liberal comments policy to post links, including one which is an edited version of a video which portrays Mandela as having anti-Israel leanings. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the unedited version shows. See what Madiba says in the actual unedited version of the 1990 Town Hall interview with Ted Koppel.
by ANT KATZ | Jul 29, 2015

The above, uncut version of the first half of the Town Hall interview, when viewed alongside the crudely cut-and-pasted version of the same interview, SEE BELOW, clearly indicates how effectively this strategy can be used

Putting the record right

The SA arm of the US-based NGO Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (Israel), BDS-SA, used Jewish Report Online last week to disseminate to our readers an edited version of a video of a Mandela interview - which was re-contextualised in exactly the same way that the original story had clearly indicated had been done to a speech.

The organisation posted links to its edited version of a video as a comment on the Jewish Report story, What Madiba said & meant. Jewish Report’s user comment guidelines lay out our policy which is not to restrict or censor information flow - and so the website’s moderator, quite correctly, left the links on the website.

BDS - Madiba

RIGHT: A screen grab from the 1990 interview

However, as much as Jewish Report has allowed the use of its comments section to dispel this message, the website must ensure that our mostly Jewish and Zionist users around the world are not misled by this somewhat crudely cut-and-paste version of the video which, by commission or omission, misleads the viewer about Madiba’s policy regarding Israel.

The BDS-SA edited version gives the viewer the impression that the newly-released Nelson Mandela, in a 1990 town-hall format Ted Koppel interview, supported the PLO over Israel. That was not the case.

The entire interview is over an hour long and both cumbersome and mostly not relevant. Jewish Report has, therefore, chosen to publish an unedited version, above, of Part One of the interview, which covers the piece in question. Users can follow the guide below and then compare on the short edited version published by BDS-SA what has been removed to re-contextualise what Madiba actually said.

24 MINUTES into the unedited video, above, Mandela is asked about earlier statements he had made about ANC Struggle supporters like the PLO, Cuba and Libya.

A candid Mandela says, among other things: “One of the mistakes which some political analysts make is to think that their enemies should be our enemies.”

Show host Ted Koppel then all but suggests that Madiba’s remarks show him to be politically naïve – which earns him a tongue-lashing from Madiba.

27 MINUTES into the video, Henry Siegman, then-executive director of the American Jewish Congress, questions Madiba. This is the crucial part which seems to have been subjectively extensively edited in the BDS-SA version. Siegman refers to an earlier meeting in Geneva where US Jewish organisations had made clear that US Jewry was committed to the struggle against apartheid and racism in SA and that their support for Madiba was unconditional.

But, said Siegman, he had been disappointed at Mandela’s comments at 24 minutes in that he felt the comments suggested a level of amorality in that it suggested to him that Madiba was suggesting that what Gaddafi, or Castro do in their own countries is totally irrelevant as long as they supported the ANC. “I hope that is not what Mr Mandela meant, and I would hope that he would clarify that issue further,” said Siegman.

Mandela’s reply was emphatic: The ANC was a liberation movement, he said, which is fully involved in a struggle to emancipate its own people. “We have no time to be looking into the internal affairs of other countries. It is unreasonable for anybody to think that this is our role.” Madiba refused to be drawn into the subject of internal affairs of Libya and Cuba.

But he did speak on the PLO.

AT 31 MINUTES into the video, above, Mandela said that as far as Arafat was concerned, the PLO was also fighting for self-determination. But, Madiba added: “That support for Yasser Arafat does not mean that the ANC has ever doubted the right of Israel to exist as a state legally. We have stood quite openly and firmly for the right of that state to exist.”

That last statement is excised in the BDS-SA edited version, as is Madiba’s reference to the fact that, in the ANC, “we have Jews. In fact Mr Gaddafi would not allow us to open an office because we have Jewish members.”

Madiba says that the ANC stuck to its guns until Gaddafi gave in and allowed them to both have Jewish members and an office in Libya – the only organisation that was allowed to.

Related read on Jewish Report Online

Jewish Report Chairman Howard Sackstein was vice-chairman of “Jews for Social Justice” (the Jewish anti-apartheid movement).

LEFT: A youthful Howard Sackstein with Madiba in Brussels for a meeting Howard had engineered with European Jewish leaders 

READ HOWARD’S STORY which is full of amusing anecdotes such as his parents, Maurice and Helen, offering their home as the venue for an early, legal meeting between the community and the newly-unbanned ANC.

“My memories of the evening are, however, marred by our family dog trying to bite Terror Lekota upon his arrival,”
writes Howard.

For the rest of the evening, the dog and his parents were banished to the bedroom as the parties met.

This is a riveting must-read…



  1. 8 nat cheiman 29 Jul
    WELL DONE ANT. KICK a*se boet.
    Just as a matter of an after thought. Do you think that Adam Levy and BDS works are terrorists? Certainly, I think that they are liars but hey!!! What the hell! the masses are stupid anyway.
    I would love to meet these guys (with a baseball bat).
    We could have a nice game if they brought along the ball.  
  2. 7 Gary Selikow 29 Jul
    BDS and SAJVJP are lowlife scum who dont deserve the air they breathe
  3. 6 adam levy 30 Jul
    I do not think that Madiba was anti-Israel. Far from it - he was a conciliator.

    However his pro-Palestinians credentials are unquestionable. Both from a principled perspective and one that recognized that the role that the PLO played in training South Africa's fighters.

    I was there when Mandela feted Arafat. I was there when he feted Castro. And I was the supper where he feted Gadaffi.
  4. 5 nat cheiman 31 Jul
    Mohammed Levy, were you also there when SA made Kim Jong Un a friend and Mugabe, and that terrorist Khaled?
    You and SA have scumbags for friends.
    You were the type to get your a*se kicked at school and so were all these rats that you mentioned.
    Castro, Arafat and Gadaffi and Mugabe and Kim Jong Poep are anuses wherefrom only sewrage flows.
    If you said what you have just said in any part of the civilized world, your testicles would be cut out forcibly 
  5. 4 ANT KATZ 31 Jul
    Nat. You are slipping in under the radar of our rules regarding what can be said on this site - but you really are trying the bounds of common decency and we would hate to have to tweek our rules to eliminate this. Please think before you post. Ask yourself: "Would I say this in front of my rabbi?" If not, it really doesn't belong here.

    [email protected]
  6. 3 nat cheiman 31 Jul
    Hi Ant, Understandably you are concerned. In my defence, I say this is a Jewish newspaper and Mohammed has no business commenting nor of lowering the standards of this paper.
    Im sure that you can appreciate that Arafat and company are not neighbourly toward Jews and in the same vein that Adolph Hitler had an attitude to Jews, these same friends of Mohammed Levy and Mandela have similar attitudes. In future I will try my very best to disguise my intense dislike for these types of people who generally, think nothing of sending young children with suicide vests to blow up innocent people. Inasmuch as we condemn those jewish zealots responsible for killing and burning a Palestinian family, the Palestinians and their leadership celebrate when they kill Jews. Essentially, that is the difference between US and THEM (in Palestine)
    However, I take your point .
  7. 2 ANT KATZ 03 Aug
    Thanks, Nat
  8. 1 Denis Solomons 03 Aug
    Mandela wasnt pro the Jews !
    who are we kidding !
    Is the present ANC partial to Israel ? !


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