SA Jewish leadership's gravy train to Israel

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Will the SA Jewish Board of Deputies, the SA Zionist Federation and the IUA/UCF please explain to the country’s Jewish community why it was necessary for all of them to go at the same time to Israel. Surely one or two communal leaders would have been sufficient to discuss our problems with the Israeli Government?
by Sonny Myerson | Jul 29, 2015

It was stated in the article that one of the reasons this group went, was to see the "creation and maintenance of good relations with Israeli government officials". That's very rich, especially after the SAJBD and the SAZF recently, in a joint statement, criticised the Israeli government for refusing the Jew/Israel-hater Blade Nzimande a visa to pass through Israel on his way to his friends, the Palestinian Authority.

This trip must have cost a fortune. Will the relevant organisations please tell us who went, why it was necessary for them to go and what this whole affair cost. I will not hold my breath for an answer as I'm pretty sure there will be some fancy footwork around that request.

This is the gravy train at its worst. While many in our community struggle and go without necessities and many of our institutions battle to make ends meet, I for one am disgusted by this wanton waste of the community’s financial resources.


Sonny Myerson    

Cape Town


  1. 3 Barry 30 Jul
    Funny. I was thinking something along the same lines awhile ago.
  2. 2 Harold 03 Aug
    Power corrupts , as the saying goes, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Were the Krengel Boykies on this Gravy Train  by any chance ? ?
  3. 1 nat cheiman 03 Aug
    I respectfully wish to differ from you guys.
    I think that this was a magnificent coup that has got the BDS scum on the backfoot. The ANC also don't know what happened and when they eventually work out what happened it will be too late.( like the visa rules and unions wrecking the country.)
    Even if some got a free ride (which is not proven), those that went for free went as leaders to show the 16 the ropes.
    Personally speaking, It was well thought out and I would NEVER EVER have thought of such a plan to educate them.
    I appreciate and respect your opinions (Barry and Harold) but look at the very and much broader picture. 


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