Israeli start-up puts your face on a latté

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Revolutionary new Israeli 3D printing is set to revolutionise barista art. Forget hearts & leaves: Ripples’ newly unveiled system uses technology to print everything from detailed fonts to the face of Elvis on the surface of your cappuccino. Any good barista can put a design atop your cup of latté. But can he write “I Love You” or “Happy Anniversary” in the foam? What about creating an image of the customer’s significant other? Now they can this new “foam printer” which uses milk froth as its canvas and coffee extract as its medium. SEE THE VIDEO...
by ANT KATZ | Aug 03, 2015

Flying on Lufthansa by year-end

Revealed last month at the CE Week tech show in New York and currently inviting interested parties to sign up to a waitlist for release details, Ripples is based around the Ripple Maker, a machine that will "print" a customised design on a foamy drink in 10 seconds using "tiny coffee bean drops" as its medium.

CoffeeThe Ripple Maker combines hardware and software that produces high-resolution designs and messages - that are “Rippled” onto lattes, cappuccinos, or any foam-topped drink.

RIGHT: Now, if you can imagine it, you can drink it

Interested in becoming the first in SA to offer this canny service? Check out their WEBSITE.

The machine has a small footprint, sits on a counter top, and is preloaded with a library of designs in themes such as greetings, love and happiness and "coffee humour."

Themes can be created or customised by baristas via the company’s website, and coffee shops can even make an app available to customers. The customer would then pre-order a design by sending baristas a photo, personal image or message as they order their drink.

coffee full

ABOVE: Now you can print your FACE on a latte: Coffee machine lets anyone create intricate foam art in just 10 seconds

The Ripples product comes from Tel Aviv-based Steam CC and has been developed by a team of industrial designers. Its first partner is Lufthansa, which plans to introduce the technology in its First and Business Class lounges by year-end.


  1. 2 Denis Solomons 03 Aug
    Of all people Lufthansa ; the Germans !
    sounds strange !
  2. 1 nat cheiman 11 Aug
    The yids do it again. Fantastic!!!!!!!
    Better than slaughtering people like crazy Radical Islamists


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