'Status quo' over Temple Mount remains in place

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During a special meeting with English-speaking reporters yesterday, Israeli PM insists that the so-called ‘status quo’ instituted by Moshe Dayan on the last day of the 1967 Six Day War, continues to remain in place and accuses the PA of stoking violence even though they know this. Benjamin Netanyahu refuted Mahmoud Abbas’ ‘big lies’ in their meeting with English-speaking reporters while Ofir Gendelman, Netanyahu’s Arabic spokesman, showed slides of posters calling on Palestinians to carry out stabbing attacks.
by ANT KATZ | Oct 16, 2015

The Israeli leader said he was meeting with the media to refute what he called the “big lies” that Abbas was feeding to his people, namely that Israel is attempting to change the status quo on the Temple Mount and is executing innocent Palestinian youths.

Netanyahu referred to Abbas’ accusation – which had been made on Wednesday in a publicly televised speech from Ramallah – in which he accused Israel of “executing” a 13-year-old Palestinian boy who took part in a stabbing attack against an Israeli teenager.

He is neither dead nor innocent

“First of all, he isn’t dead, he’s alive, and second he isn’t innocent, he tried to kill a 13-year-old riding a bike, who was the true innocent,” Netanyahu said of the attack on Monday, which left the victim in a serious condition.

“Nothing justifies terrorism. This is terrorism – murder pure and simple, “Netanyahu said, calling on the international community to hold Abbas accountable.

During his special meeting with English-speaking reporters yesterday, Netanyahu said a meeting with Palestinian Authority (PA) head Mahmoud Abbas could “stop the wave of incitement” - but that Abbas was not prepared to meet.

Netanyahu's spokesman, Mark Regev, told reporters: “There is no change in the status quo. The Temple Mount is open to Muslim prayer only. Muslims pray there regularly.”

 Netanyahu said he was willing to meet with Abbas while blaming the Palestinian Authority president of fanning the flames of the current wave of Palestinian violence against Israelis. Netanyahu openly accused Abbas of “incitement and lies”.

“I have called on Abbas time and time again to renew peace talks without preconditions,” Netanyahu said in response to a BBC reporter’s question about whether he was open to a meeting with Abbas. “I am willing to meet him; he is not willing to meet me and you ask me if I’m ready to renew negotiations - ask him,” said the prime minister bluntly.

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  1. 1 nat cheiman 16 Oct
    Moshe Dayan made a mistake. The temple mount is for the Jews. Al-Aqsa should be dismantled and the muslims can take it to Mecca or Medhina. We are being dishonest in making the Palestinians think that there can be a 2 state solution. There cannot. They are sworn to destroy Israel. The Palestinians can go to Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Europe. Their home is not Gaza and West Bank. It is deceptive and dishonest to make them believe in a 2 state solution. They want Jerusalem as the capital. Next it will be New York. Their stupidity knows no limits


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