Berland’s followers beaten at Joseph’s Tomb

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Followers of Rabbi-on-the-run Rabbi Eliezer Berland, wanted in Israel on sexual abuse charges and back in hiding in SA followed the rabbi’s instructions, sent to his Yeshiva in Jerusalem, to whitewash over burns inflicted on Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus last Friday in an act of vandalism by Palestinians. Jewish Report has the story covered from all angles - including the Shuvu Bonim Breslovers themselves. Read it and see the video - and watch for more updates Thursday and Friday ...
by ANT KATZ | Oct 21, 2015

The above video and the pictures on this page are all courtesy of Yossi’s English and Hebrew RABBIELIEZERBERLANDBLOG where users can find a lot more from the perspective of the movement themselves

But Rabbi Berland's followers did not co-ordinate with the IDF and five were arrested by Palestinian police, beaten and released into the custody of Israeli police. All 30 face charges.

After Joseph’s Tomb suffered its worst vandalism in 15 years, an official delegation of activists, rabbis, and arson specialists, used the cover of darkness to visit the site last Sunday night.

RIGHT: courtesy of RABBIELIEZERBERLANDBLOG, this picture is presumed to be Rabbi Berland in Joseph's Tomb

Among the delegation was Sephardi Chief Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef. “‘The nations came and desecrated your sanctuary’,” said Rabbi Yosef, citing a verse from Psalms.

“The heart cannot grasp the evil. What kind of people destroy a holy site in this way? We Jewish people protect their holy sites, their mosques and they, without shame, treat this holy site in this manner.”

Haaretz reported on Monday: “Rabbi Eliezer Berland from his hideout in South Africa, ordered his followers to repaint the tomb.” According to the paper Rabbi Berland’s recording stated: “Everyone should take pails of whitewash. Leave on Saturday night and be there at 2am... and repaint the tomb.”

Berland followers in Joseph's TombJoseph’s Tomb is of specific importance to Berland’s Shuvu Bonim community and Berland himself used to visit it periodically.

RIGHT: Rabbi Berland may be among his followers in this archive picture taken of his students in Joseph's Tomb. PIC:  courtesy of RABBIELIEZERBERLANDBLOG,

His followers, however, did not co-ordinate their entry with the Israel Defence Forces (IDF), and when they tried to enter the site, they were caught by the Palestinian police, according to Haaretz. The Berland disciples themselves, however, say they entered unhindered and were only detained when they left.

The IDF confirmed that Palestinian policemen arrested five of the Israelis and beat some of them before handing them over to the Israeli police.

Five years ago the PA last carried out renovations at the site (to repair damages caused when Palestinians torched it at the start of the Second Intifada in 2000).

Yossi of Shuvu Bonim said: “Let's not forget - the tzaddikim and holy sites are what protect the Land of Israel, not the government or the army. Without the bones of Yosef we wouldn't have been able to cross the sea and enter the land, and without his bones we would not be able to remain here. Our enemies realise this so they try to destroy these sites.

“When will the Jew begin to realise?” asks Yossi.

Watch later this week for more about the rabbi and his flock - both in South Africa and in Israel.


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