Video contender: ‘Pot in the Latkes’

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Contender for top Chanukah song is a real howler. Watch this video (and read lyrics) by Jewish rapper who offers eating deep-fried carbs without guilt
by ANT KATZ | Dec 16, 2015

Read the lyrics to the above video below story

What is the true message of Chanukah? According to this breakout Jewish rapper, that Jews can lace latkes with dagga without fear of reprimand from the Christmas marketing machine.

And that we can also eat deep-fried carbs without guilt, it seems. That’s the basic message one gets from the above very catchy music video, “Pot in the Latkes,” by MC Flow.

Who is MC Flow?

Her real name is Abby Schwartz. She’s from White Plains, New York  and she’s just done for “Hava Nagila” what the raunchy Gwen Stefani did for IF I WERE A RICH MAN (which has just passed 51 million views.)

In the fierce race for “best Chanukah song,” will “Pot in the Latkes” be able to compete with the Maccabeats’ “Latke Recipe”? Or, as recently published on SAJR Online, the fourth incantation of Adam Sandler’s: THE CHANUKAH SONG?


Happy holidays, friends! It’s that time of year

When Thanksgiving ends and we wait for reindeer

But I rap the truth so I gotta’ witness

Sometimes it’s hard to be a Jew at Christmas

Just the other night, I was feeling kinda’ low

Chillin’ at my house when my friend said "Yo

There’s a Hanukkah party that my boy is throwing

There’ll be latkes and vodka, all the Jews are goin'!"

So I grabbed my dreidel and headed out the door

Stopped for some Maneshewitz that we all could pour

When I got to the party, the place was bumpin’

Menorahs were burning, klezmer beats were thumpin’

And then I saw the spread, it was quite a sight

Hundreds of latkes under candlelight

Potato pancakes, so crispy delicious

My friend said “Go eat ‘em, you don’t want to miss this!”


Cuz there was pot in the latkes

There was pot in the latkes

I guess you could call them “potkes”

Cuz there was pot in the latkes!!!!


So I loaded my plate and I gobbled them up

Washed ‘em down with some wine from my holiday cup

But that one little secret, I just didn’t know

Until 30 minutes later when I started to glow

I felt funny and I couldn’t stop laughing

“How you like those latkes?” my friend kept asking

But I couldn’t really talk, I could only dance

I was stuck in a Hanukkah cannabis trance

Visions of Macabees danced in my head

When that one night of oil lasted eight nights instead

I was straight up trippin’ on the Hanukah miracle

I was so damn high I felt practically biblical

I forgot about Christmas, Santa, elves

My friend and I hugged, feeling proud of ourselves

We were super Jews, we Hanukkah junkies

Then my friend “Flow, I’ve got such bad munchies…”


Cuz there was weed in the latkes

There was weed in the latkes

A stampede for the latkes

Cuz there was weed in the latkes


The moral of the story is perfectly clear

It’s hella fun to be Jewish at this time of year!

Cuz we may not have Santa with elves by his side

But we’ve got lots of carbs and they come deep fried

And we’ve got eight nights while you guys get one

That’s eight times the rollicking frolicking fun

And we don’t have to clean up the Christmas tree messes

Or deck our kids out in plaid holiday dresses

I’m kidding, of course, cuz the moral is really

This time of year’s about those we love dearly

The season for singing and dancing with friends

For showing our gratitude, making amends

If you’re Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian

This season’s for family, so hug em and kiss em!

Remember BE PRESENT don’t just give presents

And don’t forget my favorite holiday tenet…


Put pot in your latkes

Put pot in your latkes

Kosher edibles are incredible

So put pot in your latkes


Put pot in your latkes

Put pot in your latkes

And smoke your marijuanukkah

Put pot in your latkes!



1 Comment

  1. 1 Denis Solomons 17 Dec
    Very catchy tune ;  "put pot in the latkes " !
    One way of making the latkes even more enjoyable and crunchy .
    Should probably be played to a Bob Marley and the Wailers number .
    Cannabis , pot , grass in the latkes .
    Sounds addictive and causes the " munchies ! "


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