Season’s greetings #2 to Christian fellow-Zionists

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We offer more Greetings, some sadness, some mirth & some encouraging tweets from Israel’s PM that will come as good news to our many Christian Zionist and Muslim Zionist users who share our passion for Israel and the fact that it remain under Jewish rule. Sadly, the usual festive and jolly season in the country which sees thousands upon thousands of visitors from around the world make pilgrimage to the Holy Land and, particularly in the West Bank, has failed to fill the coffers of many locals involved in the hospitality industry this year.
by ANT KATZ | Dec 25, 2015

Christmas 2015 will long live in the hearts of Israelis – and particularly West-Bankers - as it has suffered one of the lowest visitor numbers in many years, mainly due to the unfortunate violence that has descended on the country for over three months.

This is catalogued in the Jewish Report coverage of last night’s Christmas Eve festivities in Bethlehem, or lack of it, see “BETHLEHEM IS SUFFOCATING!” SAYS WEST BANK TOWN’S MAYOR.

Christmas FrummesHOME

But there are always rays of sunlight amid storms. Six users have already sent the very cute MP4 (right,
CLICK ON PICTURE to view) to [email protected] in the past 48 hours.

It is a short and funny event in which a group of frum Jewish men hum two Christmas carol tunes

Two heartwarming tweets from Bibi

The following two tweets were sent out by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the past week, and are also appropriate:

 Intefada-Christmas in IsraelFULL

ABOVE: Pictured is a Christmas greeting from Lt. Ruhi Dabas, a
Christian Israeli soldier protecting the country’s border with Gaza

Intefada-Christmas in Israel2LEFT: Sgt. Fadi Khurani, another Christian Israel Defence Force soldier on the Gaza border

Israel is the place where followers of the three Abmrahamic religions meet. Jews, Christians and Muslims, as well as people of other faiths, are allowed to practice their religion openly, participate in society at every level, serve in the army (optional for Muslim Israelis and many do) and participate at every level of political life. 

Israel Embassy Xmas Greeting 2015

RIGHT: A seldom-recognised side of the Israeli tolerance to people of all faiths – a greeting that was sent out earlier this week by the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria. “Warmest wishes for blessings of shalom (peace) and prosperity for all of us and for Israel and South Africa this festive season and for 2016” read the message from Ambassador Arthur Lenk and “the Israeli Embassy Team.”


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