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BREAKING NEWS! At least two dead and seven seriously wounded in a suspected terror shooting in Tel Aviv. The shooter fled on foot after a Friday afternoon attack on a pub near popular Dizengoff Centre Mall. The area was full of people enjoying what is a weekend afternoon in Israel. Witnesses reported 10 shots fired from an automatic weapon. A manhunt was launched to find the gunman (picture of IDF soldiers searching). Unconfirmed reports say the shooter was assisted by an unidentified woman.
by ANT KATZ | Jan 01, 2016

ABOVE: Cellphone footage taken from inside the restaurant/bar

Two Israelis were killed, and seven others wounded, at least four of them critically and three moderately, in a shooting spree on Friday afternoon in Tel Aviv, according to Israeli media reports.

Though initial reports said there was more than one attacker who opened fire on and in the vicinity of “Hasimta”, a popular bar/restaurant located on the corner of Dizengoff and Gordon Streets, police are now on a manhunt for a single suspected terrorist and possible accomplice or accomplices.

Security-camera footage published by Israeli newspapers shows the shooter - whose unmasked face is clearly visible - approaching the pub and looking inside, before aiming his automatic weapon and gunning people down in a cold, calculated manner.


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Members of the public taking pictures at the scene
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An eye-witness waits to be questioned after the attack

Some 30 shots are reported to have been fired by a Luzon rifle - of the kind purportedly used in other attacks perpetrated by West Bank Palestinians.

Security services have cordoned off the site of the attack, and are requesting that the public stay away, and those in the area to remain indoors, while the manhunt continues.

The wounded have been evacuated to Tel Aviv hospitals - Ichilov, Wolfson, Beilinson and Sheba/Tel Hashomer.

Though the motive behind the attack has not been officially established, police say they are working under the assumption that it is an act of terrorism. As a result, the Shin Bet internal security services are assisting in the investigation.

Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square has been appropriated as a station for dozens of police and other security vehicles.



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