What’s normal?

  • MichaelSieff
Last week the Chev arranged a shloshim service at Yeshiva College for the late Brent Sloman, pictured here with me. Brent was always ready with a welcoming smile and friendly words whenever people visited Selwyn Segal. His loss will be deeply felt by his family, residents and staff at the Centre. It will also be felt by the community.
by MICHAEL SIEFF | Mar 09, 2016


Every household has its own “normal” - those behaviours that for them are routine and expected. The same is true of every community and even every country.  Cultures vary and we can sometimes find the actions of others strange if they differ from our own.

Growing up in the Yeshiva College community, it was quite normal for frequent interaction with the residents of Selwyn Segal to be encouraged. People would visit the home, invite the residents over for Shabbat and Yomtov meals, take them out and celebrate special occasions with them. That was normal.

Now that I am involved in an official capacity, I can see the heroism in those “normal” behaviours and have a clearer understanding about why they should never be taken for granted. Our community is remarkably generous in every way - with its money, time and compassion - and we are grateful for the gifts, and the giving, that comes so naturally to you.

Gratitude, as we know, is a quality we need to develop and refine. There are heroes everywhere I look and we are all the beneficiaries. Heroes like the medical and legal professionals who give of their expertise at no cost to the organisation; heroes like the nurses and carers who demonstrate dedication beyond the call of duty; heroes like the volunteers who visit our elderly residents, read to them or teach them decoupage, mosaic and artwork; and heroes like the leaders who make up our Board and dictate policy.

We inherited a legacy we can be proud of and we aim to leave one that future generations can be equally proud of. That’s the normal we aspire to achieve.

May our partnership continue to thrive. [email protected]



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