Israeli Embassy cuts annual party to help SA

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The Israeli Ambassador is foregoing his annual garden lunch with elite members of the diplomatic corps and senior Jewish leaders this year, to free up funds he plans to use to bring his country's top water and agricultural scientists to South Africa to offer their expertise to both the private and public sectors at exhibitions to be held in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Among important stakeholders and decision makers invited are SA Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane and members of her department.
by ANT KATZ | Mar 23, 2016

The above video is about the type of skills that Israel hopes to share with SA

Israel’s smartest food and water experts will be coming to South Africa mid-year to hold conferences in Johannesburg and Cape Town to show the country how they have made deserts green and created food and water security for 10 million people on land that couldn’t feed and quench one million 60 years ago.

khumalo andile HOMEAnd altruistically, to pay for it, the Israeli Embassy in Pretoria will forego its annual Independence Day bash.

RIGHT: L'chaim: Ambassadors Lenk and Setlhapelo toast Israel – READ: Dirco’s Setlhapelo praises Israel, SA Jewry on the 2015 event

The annual garden party, a highlight on the diplomatic calendar, usually includes diplomats, senior South African government and Jewish communal leaders and is lavishly catered.

As a world leader in agricultural and water technology, Israel has for quite some time been assisting South Africa in these fields.

Israel YHwater4Unique

Several Israeli companies have even built factories here to both supply the local market and to export from here to other countries.

Israeli agri- and aqua-tech turns deserts green

The Embassy will instead use the money to bring over Israel’s top experts in water and food-security to hold free attendance conferences in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Among important stakeholders and decision-makers invited are SA Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane and members of her department.

Israel YHwater

The Israeli Ambassador is foregoing his annual garden lunch to free up cash to fund bringing the country's top water and agri-scientists to SA to offer their expertise

Israel's agricultural and water technology transfer forms part of an ongoing relationship with South Africa - both in the emerging and commercial farming sectors - and in both the private and public sectors.

This was so much so, that on presenting his credentials to President Jacob Zuma two years ago, the then newly-appointed Ambassador Arthur Lenk gave Zuma a bowl containing fruit and vegetables that had been grown in South Africa with Israeli aid.

Ambassador Lenk made the decision that, given the prevailing drought conditions and expected food shortages and price rises, the money for the Yom Ha’atzamaut garden day celebrations would be better used to assist South Africa in this manner.

Israel YHwater3

LEFT: Israel has been forced to become a world-leader in farming efficiency to ensure food security with low water resources

These events were planned to be announced in a February 17 letter by Deputy Ambassador Michael Freeman to the Cape Times – which, unfortunately, was not printed. Also, a water conference hosted by the Mail&Guardian which was planned for earlier in the year, was cancelled.

Israel did, however, hold an agricultural expo in Cape Town in February.

“We showed (Western Cape) Premier (Helen) Zille how Israeli businesses have created jobs in the Cape, assisted South Africa in its food security, and how Israeli expertise can help the country,” said Lenk.

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  1. 3 nat cheiman 23 Mar
    This is surely an APRIL FOOLS joke!!!!????
  2. 2 nat cheiman 28 Mar
    The ANC, government, Independent newspapers, BDS and many others are against accepting help from Israel. It doesn't matter that Israel can grow our veggies or cure our water problems. Zuma has just come back from UAE with his BEGGING BOWL. That is much more important for the reason, now he gets his jet without burdening the taxpayer.
    Trying to help SA is like feeding strawberries to pigs.
  3. 1 David Olivier 05 Apr
    It is vital that SA learns from Israel's innovations for climate resilient agriculture. Regardless of politics, SA farmers are receptive to and make use of Israeli technologies. In light of SA's increasing vulnerability to drought, I expect even greater receptiveness from SA's agriculture sector. Please provide information on the upcoming conference in Cape Town as I would like to attend.


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