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by ANT KATZ | Mar 25, 2016

Shalom readers,

Elaine Bobroff, 68, wife of well-known personal injury attorney Ronald, was arrested on Tuesday, taking the fall for her husband and son who skipped the country on the weekend after they were sued by numerous road accident victims who had laid complaints against them over a number of years. Read all the latest facts!

Instead of a fancy Yom Ha’atzmaut party this year, the Israeli Embassy will use the funds to bring Israel’s top experts in the fields of water and agricultural science to South Africa and will hold public and private sector expos in Cape Town and Johannesburg to assist South Africa in its time of water crisis.

25-march-2015South African Jewry played a substantive role in the various anti-racism and human rights-focused events taking place countrywide over the past 10 days. The SA Jewish Board of Deputies was also one of the main stakeholders in organising a national anti-racism week.

Taking people to see Israel for themselves has become quite passé, although still a very valuable endeavour. But hundreds of influential South Africans are taken on dozens of educational tours annually. Reeva Forman, acknowledged as the doyenne of this genre, this time took the elite among financial and political journalists. Read what they have to say…

On Tuesday, a series of explosions in Brussels killed 34 people - 14 of them at Zaventem Airport and another 20 at one of the metro stations that writer Canaan Liphshiz used to exploit. Read his piece in the aftermath of this week’s tragedy.


Eminent SA writers have their say on Israel: The second of a two-part article this week in which top SA intellectuals, economists and editors share their on the middle east after accompanying doyenne Reeva Forman on her 21st trip to show people the wider region and to introduce them to community leaders in several countries in a range of fields of expertise.

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