• Yemen home

    Secret mission nets 500-year-old Torah

    Mar 29, 2016 Go comment!
    Some of the last remaining Jews in war-torn Yemen have been brought to Israel in a secret mission by the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), or the Sochnut, which is responsible for Jewish immigration to Israel. The non-profit organisation said some 50 Jews had chosen to stay in Yemen, but among the last to leave was a rabbi carrying a 500-year-old Torah scroll. SEE PICTURES
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    • Israeli fighters

    Israel scrambles jets after EgyptAir hijacking

    Mar 29, 2016 1 Comment
    Israel’s Air Force scrambled jets as a precaution after the hijacking of an EgyptAir plane traveling from Alexandria to Cairo this morning. The crisis is over.
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    • YH683

    Modern Jewish holiday season upon us

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    Since the creation of the State of Israel in 1948, the Knesset has established five public holidays or days of remembrance/celebration. Three of these are coming up shortly: Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day; Yom Hazikaron, Memorial Day for the Fallen; and Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israel’s Independence Day. Trust Jewish Report to give you the news about all the events taking place around the country.
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    • 9c-Arthur Lenk

    Israel not isolated, Lenk tells Christian Zionists

    Mar 29, 2016 4 Comments
    Israel’s ambassador to South Africa, Arthur Lenk (pictured), told the SA Friends of Israel (SAFI) advocacy conference earlier this month that he had hosted Israel’s immediate past President Shimon Peres in February. The 90-year-old career diplomat and politician, Peres, had come to speak to South African Jewry.
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    • Turkey ISIS Full shul

    ISIS: ‘Imminent’ attack on Turk Jewish school

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    Upside of ISIS attack on Israelis in Turkey last week is that Erodgan & Davutoglu are talking to Rivlin & Netanyahu for first time since 2010. Having just returned from ground-breaking visit to SA, Israel’s Dore Gold visited Turkey & thanked them for help in landing IDF planes. But warning have gone from bad to worse for Turkish Jews as ISIS members give up ever-more intelligence. Warning narrowed from Jews or Christians - to shul or church - to Jewish schools - to one likely in picture - in just four days!
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