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One of the all-time favourite and funniest Jewish YouTube videos must be Aish’s 2011 Pesach offering. It’s short, sharp and has had millions of views, See why...
by ANT KATZ | Apr 11, 2016

Let my peeps go!

This has to be one of the cleverest Pesach videos of all time. It is interesting to note how formats of well-known platforms have changed over the past five years.

Pesach16 Moses Vid

RIGHT: Three screen-pulls from this hilarious video

Moses follows the news on Yahoo and sees the writing on the wall. And so his Skype calls with G-d begin – and continue throughout the process – as do his e-mail and other platform correspondences with Pharaoh.

Under the guidance of G-d, Moses seeks out, selects and orders up "awesome plagues" from the Internet using Google Search.

Moshe also uses Google Maps to find “Pharaoh’s place” and uses Google Translate to change his correspondence from English/Hebrew to Hieroglyph.

The ongoing e-mail debate between Moses and the Egyptian ruler is hilarious.

Moshe then moves to Facebook to try and convince Pharaoh. After failing to do so he takes to Twitter using the handle @Israelites and posts: "No time for baking. Grab Matzah. We're outta here. #Exodus.

The next steps are to "find ships" on Craig's List and finds the best place to cross the Red Sea - again using Google Maps.

Moshe then resorts to Facebook again to invite all his 'friends' to "Hike through Sinai," pointing out that "G-d invited you," before using the platform once again to create an event on 6 Sivan, 2488.


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