Eight Jewish Hebrew baby names

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Choosing what to name your new bundle of joy is a difficult decision that is definitely not to be made lightly. Here are eight really nice ones – more inside
by ANT KATZ | Apr 25, 2016


Peaceful and comforting

Writing on, Joanna Valente writes that when it comes to choosing a name, you may be basing the name largely on meaning. So she went to the Kveller Baby Name Finder and rounded up eight of her favourites.

Names are inspired by their meanings, says Joanna. “In this case, all of these names have origins that come from peace, compassion, and comfort – which are all things every child and adult should strive to have.”

Here's her list:

1. YERUCHAM. Yerucham is a boy’s Hebrew name that means “He will show compassion”, which is a wonderful idea to name your child after. Showing compassion is one of the best lessons we can learn as humans, and instilling this in your child early on is never a bad idea.

2. NACHMAN/NECHAMA. Nachman, a boy’s name, means “comforter” in Hebrew. It is also important to note that Rabbi Nachman of Breslov was the founder of the Breslov Hasidic dynasty in the 18th and 19th century. Nechama is the girl’s Hebrew version of the name.

3. MENDEL/MENACHEM. Mendel is a Yiddish boy’s name that means “comfort”. Menachem is the Hebrew version. Like compassion, the act of comforting others is not something to take for granted.

4. RUCHAMA. Ruchama is a female Hebrew name that means “comforted”.

5. ZALMAN. Zalman is a Yiddish boy’s name that means “peace”. In a world of chaos and violence, peace is something we should always strive for, even in everyday situations. I also love Zal as a nickname.

6. SHLOMO. Shlomo, like Zalman, is the Hebrew name that means “peace”. In the Bible, King Solomon (Shlomo) built the First Temple in Jerusalem.

7. AVSHALOM. Avshalom, also like Zalman and Shlomo, this Hebrew name means “Father of peace”. Also, in the bible, Avshalom was one of King David’s sons. Not too shabby.

8. RACHAMIM. Similar to Yerucham, Rachamim is a boy’s Hebrew name meaning “compassion” or “mercy”.


  1. 3 Harvey 26 Apr
    What about having both an Anglo-Saxon name as well as a Hebrew name ??

    Regards Harvey Chaim , Spencer Sholom and Morris Moshe
  2. 2 Sarah 01 Jul
    Really, one girl's name in the list?
    Where is Elisheva, Yael, Yocheved... I'm speaking up for the ladies!
  3. 1 Harvey 04 Jul
    Oops sorry Sarah

    I forgot to mention :  Gayle Gittel,  Peta Pesi,

    Marilyn Menuchah, and Shianne Stziporah


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