Bobroffs maintain their innocence on charges

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In response to recent coverage on Ronald and Darren Bobroff, the personal injury lawyers under investigation for overcharging clients, the in the Jewish Report offered the family an opportunity to provide their side of the story. Read their statement.
by BOBROFF FAMILY | May 25, 2016

We deny any wrongdoing of whatsoever nature and anybody who alleges such wrongdoing must prove it.

No formal charges have been laid against Ronald, Elaine, Darren or Lisa Bobroff to date.

We would like to place the following undisputed facts on record:

Save for the current allegations and disputes, no director of the practice, which has been in existence for over 42 years has ever been found guilty of unprofessional conduct or any criminal offence.

Ronald has since 1983 served on virtually every committee and council of the organised profession, voluntarily. This includes 20 years’ service on the Council of the LSNP (Transvaal), Law Society, and being honoured after 10 years’ service on the Council by fellow councillors by being elected as only the fourth Jewish person to serve as president of the Law Society in its 125-year history.

Ronald also served on the council of the Law Society of South Africa from its inception in 1996 until 2012.

Bobroff fallout logoThe law firm has worked tirelessly to assist the less privileged members of our society. Ronald has also served as a commissioner (judge) in the Small Claims Court, presiding over cases for four hours weekly at night for almost 20 years.

Ronald has given freely of his professional time to assist the less privileged members of our Society in obtaining access to justice by teaching students and advising members of the public at the Wits Legal Clinic every Friday for more than a decade.”

Ronald hosted his own radio show "A word on legal matters” for two hours every Monday night for more than a decade on Talk Radio 702. Over that period he received thousands of letters and e-mails from grateful listeners for the legal advice he had given on air and by e-mails to them.

Ronald and Elaine supported in the most substantial manner, needy members of the community, by becoming Pillars some years ago.”

Ronald Bobroff & Partners’ contingency percentage fees were at all times Law Society compliant and charged out on exactly the same basis as thousands of other attorneys including major corporate law firms, who made extensive use of such agreements.

A Law Society survey indicated that more than 74 per cent of the Law Society’s members utilised such agreements exclusively in their practices. This system of no-win no-fee, percentage fees, has been the norm in America in all personal injury and medical malpractice litigation for more than 100 years with a minimum fee of one third increasing to over 50 per cent.

No finding has ever been made by any court or Law Society disciplinary committee against the firm of overcharging or any other professional offence, nor have any sanctions ever been imposed in the firm’s 42-year existence.

Our families, including spouses, children and grandchildren have suffered a great deal as a result of the tirade of allegations and the surrounding public vilification and controversy. 

Our family members during this very difficult time should be left alone and the law should be allowed to take its course. Each and every allegation will be dealt with at the appropriate time and in a proper manner.  

Readers who wish to avail themselves of more information with regard to the background to recent events should visit or


  1. 9 Harold 26 May
    I think thou doest protest too much - William Shakespeare
  2. 8 Darren 26 May
    It is disgraceful how [name removed] have attacked these good people and portrayed them as criminals for doing what the law society and all attorneys do. It is estimated [name removed] spent in excess of R40 million litigating against Ronald and Darren after they exposed [name removed] unlawful non compliance with the medical schemes act. All this while their ill members cannot get treatment costs paid!

    Sorry, user, as we have said on numerous occasions, unless you are able to give us evidence to the contrary, this allegation has never been proven. We again say that we would consider publishing any evidence you may have. As I know who you are, feel free to e-mail any evidence of this allegation to me at [email protected]

  3. 7 Bev Goldman 26 May
    If they have done nothing wrong - and I cannot pass comment on that at all - why then did they flee the country en famille to Australia and leave Elaine to face whatever music had to be faced?  Surely that's an indication of guilt?
  4. 6 Standid 26 May
    So why did they run to Australia? If you're so innocent. let the law take its course.
  5. 5 Phillip 26 May
    If they are so innocent as they claim,why then did they run?
  6. 4 Sandra 26 May
    Found guilty by Media...Terrible
  7. 3 nat cheiman 26 May
    Courts have found evidence of overcharging, so his assertion that no court has found evidence, is incorrect.
    The fact that the Bobroffs beat a hasty exit, is proof that all was not kosher.  
  8. 2 Cara 26 May
    Ronald Bobroff's protestations of innocence are confusing.
    He writes; "No finding has ever been made by any court or Law Society disciplinary committee against the firm of overcharging or any other professional offence" Yet an audit by the LSNP alleges fraud, tax evasion and the overcharging of MVA clients who consulted his practice.

    it seems strange that 3 esteemed judges of the High Court would suspend the Bobroff's on the basis of their innocence. Perhaps their wrongdoing simply went undetected for 42 years.

  9. 1 GILL 30 May


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