Waverley Shul celebrates 60 glorious years

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On Sunday June 26, a glittering affair took place in the Samson Hall of Waverley Shul in Johannesburg: It was the shul’s diamond anniversary - 60 years of serving the community.
by OWN CORRESPONDENT | Jul 06, 2016

Pictured: Three rabbis enjoy the celebration: Rabbi Gabi Bookatz; Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein; and Rabbi Dr David Nossel.

The hall sparkled with magnificent decor and many prestigious guests were in attendance.

Chief Rabbi Warren Goldstein was the keynote speaker. He delivered an outstanding presentation, stressing his memories of the shul where he held the position of rabbi of the Youth Shul in the early years of his career.

Rabbi Nossel, the present rabbi, described how he celebrated his barmitzvah at Waverley and how proud he was of his association with this community.

Judy Jaye, daughter of the shul’s original architect, Dr Joseph Ingber gave an inspiring talk on her father and the first rabbi, Rabbi <<    >>Newman. Bradley Tapnack and George Wertheimer also presented snapshots of founder members of Waverley.

The highlight of the evening was the presentation ceremony, where silver Yads were awarded to the founders and members of the families of those original visionaries. The shul was indeed privileged to make this presentation to three original founders, Claude Brewer, Wally Segal and Natie Aremband.

These visionaries on the original committee were honoured for their determination, devotion and dedication to the building of the shul, which for 60 years has been a home, a shelter, a place where all members who attend the services are spiritually uplifted and inspired.

To be successful every Jewish function needs a good meal! This was certainly the case where everyone enjoyed a mouth-watering dinner.

Beila Copans, who catered for the shul for over 40 years, was also honoured and presented with a Yad. Her legendary peppermint crisp cake will forever be remembered by all who attended shul brochas.

The Waverley Synagogue has certainly stood the test of time. From its humble beginnings until today, the shul has always played a prominent part in the Johannesburg Jewish community.

The original founders were indeed visionaries who worked tirelessly to establish a congregation that forever would be an icon, a beacon of light in the Johannesburg community and beyond its borders.

This memorable occasion was filled with many nostalgic moments, memories that will never be forgotten and people who will always be celebrated by the members who continue the tradition of warmth and friendliness in “our wonderful Waverley Shul”.

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  1. 1 Marion Urfig 07 Jul
    Hearty mazaltov Waverley Shul, may you go for another 120 years.
    I am proud to tell you that I was involved in more ways than one with the Shul itself, doing breakfast minyan for the barmi boys on Sunday mornings, then becoming majorly involved with the Crisis Centre (Allan Zimbler and Rabbi Barry Marcus) , then we had Rabbi Mordechai Fachler, (we used to work together on Sunday nights at the centre, and helped many many people, then came Rabbi Furman, all of which, we worked very closely with. I with a good friend and colleague, Thelma Weinstein, actually were the last 2, that finally, and physically, closed the door of the centre.
    One of our daughters got married at Waveley too.
    Spent many wonderful, happy years involved with the shul, in so many different ways.
    Will always have special memories of those times.


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