Bibi invokes Solomon and the Queen of Sheba

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“Israel is coming back to Africa; Africa is coming back to Israel.” These were the words of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday as he lauded the success of last week’s whirlwind visit to Africa in conversation with the media after Sunday’s weekly Cabinet meeting. Bibi met seven African leaders in as many days on his highly successful trip. Read what else he had to say and WATCH his speech to the Ethiopian parliament,
by ANT KATZ | Jul 12, 2016

After wrapping up his week with an address to the Ethiopian parliament, ABOVE, Netanyahu said Israel/Africa relations were nothing new. He invoked the three-millennium-old visit by King Solomon to meet and the Queen of Sheba.

“Last Friday I returned from an important visit” to Africa, said Netanyahu. “The trip began with an historic summit, not just with the four leaders of [the countries I visited], but with another three leaders; all-in-all seven leaders from seven African countries.” The other leaders he was referring to were from South Sudan, Tanzania and Zambia

Netanyahu said all seven leaders, representing 260 million people, had “agreed to act to strengthen our links with additional African countries.” Israel’s schmooze-fest was both diplomatic and commercial.

On the political front, Netanyahu was assured by all seven leaders that they would work to restore Israel to an observer to the African Union, which is composed of 54 countries.

While this process will take time, said PM Netanyahu Sunday, “we have begun the process” of a long journey toward gaining seats for Israel in international forums.

“During the visit we signed a series of agreements with Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Ethiopia,” said the PM, and that “no less important, 70 Israeli businesspeople came on the visit.” He said that the business delegation told him that their meetings had “opened doors and advanced their economic interests, as well as those of the State of Israel,” Netanyahu said – adding that this “will contribute not only to economic relations, but also to diplomatic and security relations.”

Netanyahu said that each of the seven countries, without exception, “are interested in enhancing relations with Israel because they see Israel and its technological capabilities as a major force.”

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This included assisting them in the war against radical Islam that is inundating all of Africa, he said, and also that they “see Israel’s technological and entrepreneurial ability as a very major tool in developing their countries in all areas.” Furthermore, the PM said, both during his visit and afterwards, “we are receiving calls from other countries, some of which we do not have relations with, that they want to enhance relations.”

Netanyahu’s trip started last week Monday at an emotional ceremony marking the 40th anniversary of the Entebbe rescue mission – in which his older brother, Yoni, was the only IDF casualty.”

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  1. 1 nat cheiman 12 Jul
    SA is not included because of ANC & governments stance against Israel


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