The African Christian leaders who met Sharansky

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Apostle Linda Gobodo, pictured, founded the His Church Kingdom Ministries in 1997 in Sandton and led the church for 10 years. During this time she founded the Vuka Africa Foundation to herald the message of “Hope". She and Pastor Segun Olanipekun went to Israel last week to present a gift to that country and world Jewry. But who are these two African Christian Zionists who are so fond of Jews and Israel? Read all about them...
by ANT KATZ | Aug 03, 2016
A companion story on Jewish Report Online today, SA LEADERS TOOK GIFT OF PEACE TO JERUSALEM, explains how it came to be that two dedicated African Christian Zionist leaders presented a gift to Israel and world Jewry last week. This was a timely and fitting tribute, given the surge of diplomatic, humanitarian and trade growth between Israel and Africa. 

But who are these two leaders. SA Jewry who don't already know them should do so. Here are short profiles on each of them

Pastor Olusegun (Segun) Olanipekun

Olanipekun is pastor to Pretoria Christian Centre, a congregation which he started with his wife Rachael. He is the founder of the Institute for Christian Leadership Development (ICLD).

Reeva SegunHe was a missionary in Kenya from 1996 to 2002 and since 1999 has organised international conferences to address social, political, economic and spiritual issues in Africa. He holds an LLB. as well as a Bachelor in Education and History and was called to the ministry in 1985.

Olanipekun and his wife have three teenage children, Emmanuel, Joshua and Olive. Olanipekun is the author of the book “The Joshua Generation”.

He is also the convener of the Africa Leadership Summit (ALS) in Jerusalem, whose mandate, inter alia, is the connection of African cities, sectors and systems to Israel. ALS held its second biennial summit in Jerusalem last year. Their third event will take place next year.

The ICLD co-ordinates the Bible House Project in South Africa and is a partner with several pro-Israel movements including Africa Stands with Israel. It participated in the march against the BDS campaign as well as the Solidarity March organised by the SAZF in Johannesburg during the 52-day Gaza war. Olanipekun was one of the leaders who addressed this rally.


Reeva hilow4

ABOVE: Natan Sharansky (obscured) took time to discuss the African situation  over a bowl of grapes and water with his guests. He was most interested to hear about the continent and about the relationships between Jewry and and Christians

Pastor Segun, as he is univerally known, is a frequent speaker at SAZF and SAFI events and addressed the 48th session of the SAZF, where he was honoured with an award by Keren Hayesod (the Jewish National Fund).

At the Johannesburg rally in 2014, he advocated for the establishment of the Commonwealth of Israel - an association of nations aligned to Israel.

Read the complete story:

Apostle Linda Gobodo


Linda Gobodo founded the His Church Kingdom Ministries in 1997 in Sandton and led the church for 10 years. During this time she founded the Vuka Africa Foundation to herald the message of “Hope, Healing and Restoration of Africa”. The foundation drives this vision through four pillars: Prayer Revival; Standing with Israel; Kingdom Trade Missions; and Concerts.

Reeva LindaGobodo was among those who mobilised support for the Israel Solidarity Rally during Operation Protective Edge.

RIGHT: Linda Gobodo was dressed in her tradenark coloutfull style for her meeting with Natan Sharansky last week in Jewrusalem

She also led the launch of Africa Stands with Israel (ASWI), a movement aimed at calling the church in Africa to stand with Israel.

Vuka is presently taking the message of restoration to all provinces in South Africa and also encouraging intra-Africa trade.

As part of the Africa Leadership Summit in Jerusalem in 2015, Vuka hosted a trade dialogue aimed at encouraging business between Africa and Israel.

She is the mother of three children and has seven grandchildren. 

Media - Sharansky HOMESharansky wants all Jews to make aliyah, but doesn't believe they should be forced to. Read this interesting exclusive Interview “I don’t want to be the Commissar of Aliyah” after Sharansky last year sat down for an hour with SAJR’s Ant Katz at his Sandton hotel. Sharansky’s key message to SA Jewry: “How long is there a future for Jews in SA? You must decide. If you want to come (to Israel), we will welcome you.” But, he added, JAFI would support and strengthen Jewish life in the diaspora for those who chose to remain. Read his views on tackling anti-Semitism and a host of different issues.




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