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At 74 Streisand remains unstoppable - she has a forthcoming album of duets & is working on a memoir (release: 2017). She opens up to NYT – see her first TV performance in ‘63
by ANT KATZ | Aug 10, 2016

JUDY GARLAND AND BARBRA STREISAND - Happy Days Are Here Again – this high resolution version was posted in 2013. It was filmed in rehearsal during the final run-through of "The Judy Garland Show #9" in October 1963 for a closed audience of ad and CBS executives and show staff. "We had never met or seen Judy’s guest, Barbra Streisand," writes the poster. "Barely in her twenties, she wore thrift store-inspired wardrobe." This video has been watched over one million times in three years.


Google Images has a ‘nose’ section for her

Because she’s been researching for her memoir to be published next year, Barbra Streisand has been thinking back on the past a lot, she recently told the New York Times. In particular, it’s made her think about her brief friendship and collaboration with Judy Garland, who was 41 when Streisand met her in her 20s. Together, they sang “Happy Days Are Here Again” which is absolutely breath-taking.

The following is Joanna Valente’s account on, of a surprisingly open interview which the famously private Streisand gave to the New York Times.

What Streisand will never forget, writes Valente, “is the fact that Garland gave her some sage advice, which Streisand told the Times”:

Streisand demure

“Afterward, she used to visit me and give me advice. She came to my apartment in New York, and she said to me: ‘Don’t let them do to you what they did to me.’ I didn’t know what she meant then. I was just getting started.”

She also can’t help but think about her own mother, who “never complimented her” and pushed her to become a secretary (which is, as the Times notes, how Streisand got her notorious nails - since long nails made her unable to type).

Interestingly, Streisand laments her mother’s own talent, who worked as a secretary herself. She says her mother had a “beautiful voice”, but never did anything with it:

“She had talent. She didn’t have the drive. I said: 'Why didn’t you do this, why didn’t you go after your dream?' You know what I’m saying? You can have a dream, but how do you manifest it, how do you make it happen? Hard work, heart, taking chance - that was always my philosophy.”

This is why it’s shocking when Streisand claimed that she’s lazy (it’s hard to imagine an award-winning legendary singer, actor, and director being lazy): “The thing is, I was always kind of lazy. On the one hand, I am - or I was - ambitious. On the other hand, if I was having a great love affair or something, I’d say, I don’t want to do anything else. I mean, searching for personal happiness was more important.”

There will certainly be a long list of pre-orders for the memoir when it comes out. Not just to find out more about what she divulges of her early childhood and life behind the scenes, but I have to admit that I have always admired Babs.

I went a-Googling for a few nice pictures to run with this on Jewish Report Online. Imagine my surprise to find this…

Streisand nose

The latest Google Images format pre-selects categories of pictures to assist in one’s search. To my shock and horror, real as can be, I found this in which Google offered me nose-specificity for my search. Imagine that… AK


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