Jews: Please leave the church

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Difference between 'us' and 'them' is reflected in this howler. The ultimate joke about Jesus having been a Jew, which eludes so many of our antagonists.
by ANT KATZ | Oct 04, 2016

"Us" and "them" reflected in our jokes - this one is a howler. In fact it is the ultimate joke about Jesus having been a Jew, something that seems to elude so many of our Christian and Muslim antagonists. Could there be a better "them" and "us"joke?

Some 50 years ago we Jews were often accused of Christ’s death until the Pope absolved us in the 1950s. Could there be a funnier or sharper way to respond?

Avram walks into a church, takes out his tallis and yarmulke, and proceeded to daven.

The clergyman entered to start services an says: "Will all non-Christians please leave." Avram continued with his davening.

Again the clergyman said, "Will all non-Christians please leave."

And again, Avram continued to pray.

Finally, the distraught clergyman moved to Avram. "Will ALL JEWS please leave," he shouted.

At this, Avram removed his yarmulke, packed up his tallis, walked over to the altar and picked up a statue of Jesus. Now he was ready to walk out.

"Come bubbela,” he said to the statue, “they don't want us here anymore."


  1. 4 M Kiersen 09 Oct
    HOME Truth
  2. 3 M.Kiersen 09 Oct
    The TRUTH has  taken a long time to be appreciated by the Christians.
  3. 2 Dr. Marwin 19 Nov
    Funny and true... but to be remembered, only the Catholic Church has a cross with Jesus. The other Christian nominations on have a cross in their church and some of them are the most to be concerned about.

                                         Dr. M  in New Jersey, USA
  4. 1 jamie selcraig 25 Nov
    Allow me to set the record straight if I may. Jesus was a jew in the human side, he came from heaven to reconcile man back to GOD (Isaiah 53, Isaiah 61,Psalm 22). Because there was no one righteous not even one person in this world, GOD had to come down himself in the human form (Jesus) to save us.. We all killed him, each one of us, because if we were righteous and did not sin, then there would be no need for JESUS. We are all sinners and fall far short of the glory of GOD. The light came and the world did not understand it, we are all guilty. The Jewish nation was nearly destroyed by the so called Christian Nations and as a Born Again Christian myself it was a disgrace. Christians call themselves Christians but in reality they do not follow Christ. So I am not surprised that GOD's chosen people run away from the Salvation offered. The Crusades, the Pograms etc show you a religious so called Christian with hatred in their hearts. No, it is time to love our Jewish Nation in every way. And say sorry for the bloodshed.


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