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    Three Jewish Nobel laureates so far for 2016

    Oct 14, 2016 2 Comments
    Maybe the times they are a-changing’? Bob Dylan became the first person considered primarily a musician to win the Nobel Prize in Literature on Thursday and the third Jew in 2016 so far. The Bard - as he is known by fans (highlighting how he is seen equally as a poet and musician) - became the fifteenth Jew to win the literature prize, joining the ranks of Saul Bellow, Isaac Bashevis Singer and Patrick Modiano.
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    • Gold Dore1

    Dore Gold resigns as Israel’s MFI head

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    The long-time confidant of Netanyahu stepped down Thursday as director-general of Israel’s Foreign Ministry and de facto Minister of Foreign Affairs. Netanyahu has held the ministerial post himself since the last election. Gold made what was bilaterally hailed as a highly successful trip to SA in March to visit his counterpart at DIRCO, Ambassador Jerry Matjile, who had extended the invitation.
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    • Amos Oz, Harman Danna, Peres

    Friend to Peres, Amos Oz asks: Who will fight for peace now?

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    Where were the “brave leaders” who were needed now to stand up, be counted, and make peace a reality.
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