Butt mitzvah party for gay Jews

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London’s gay Jews combined the bat/bar mitzvah rituals with a campy, all-inclusive gay dance party motzei Shabbos – and what a posh affair it was.
by ANT KATZ | Nov 20, 2016

“Whether or not you memorised your haftarah portion, you are cordially invited to raise a glass and dance a raucous hora at London’s first ever gay Jewish club night,” reported Abby Sher on Jewniverse.

The venue, lauded for reviving the cabaret and making a home for daring performance art, raised the gauntlet (filled with Manischewitz) to host a ‘Buttmitzvah’ with music, clubbing, bagels, drag queens and so much more. The idea was conceived by Josh Cole, a Jewish comedy producer with a passion for Jewish traditions.

Cole has even arranged for a live klezmer band, ‘appearances’ from Barbra Streisand and the late Amy Winehouse, and a ‘mildly inappropriate’ bat/bar mitzvah speech to be recited by one lucky winner.

Story continues below invitation….

Butt Mitzvah 

ABOVE: The invitation was quite tame, when compared to the before-event comments and after-eent videos shared on the event Facebook page

Cole put the word out on Facebook inviting, “Jews & Non-Jews, Chosen Ones & Unchosen Ones, Boys, Chicks & Boychiks, plus all those clever enough to have transcended gender.”

They even had a dedicated Facebook page where one can view a plethora of below the belt humour in the comments and pictures of the event itself which, by their account, was a huge success.

Some of the organisers’ antics on the Facebook invitation included:  

  • £10 entry, exact cash only. Price includes delicious catering (bagels and fish balls;
  • Dress to Impress (Black Tie highly encouraged);
  • OY GAY! We are proud to invite you to join us in celebration at BUTTMITZVAH, London's first ever queer Jewish clubnight. MAZELTOV!;
  • For those brave enough: Circumcision checks on the door for 10% off!;
  • EVERYONE INVITED: Jews & Gentiles, Chosen Ones & Unchosen Ones, Boys, Chicks & Boychiks, and all those clever enough to have transcended gender...; and
  • This is an all-inclusive party for anyone who's ever been to a Bar or Bat Mitzvah - and anyone who's never been but always wondered what they're like.


  1. 4 nat cheiman 20 Nov
    Now how about a Mutt Mitzvah?
  2. 3 Choni 21 Nov
    Gay Jews are "descendants" of the inhabitants of Sodom.
    ( sodomy=Sodom)
  3. 2 David B 22 Nov
    Mutt-- would definitely be a better word -- I find it very hard to believe the LBTGI community think they can make fun of anything and simply get away with it by calling others with a different opinion bigots and dinosaurs. They think they can simply thumb their noses at tradition , religion , and everything else they don't agree with 
      If that's the way it has to be - I will proudly remain a bigot and a dinosaur
  4. 1 Jp 22 Nov
    You mean they permitting bestiality too?


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