UN’s 6 ridiculous new anti-Israel resolutions

  • Mangel. Leibel
Blatant hypocrisy shows anti-Semitic agenda – SEE SHORT VIDEO of the world body’s absurd new resolutions this week.
by ANT KATZ | Dec 02, 2016

This video clearly explains the increasingly blatant hypocrisy and anti-Semitism at the United Nations, which presented six new and absurd resolutions against the Jewish state and demonstrated solidarity with the Palestinians this week

Tuesday November 29 marked the 69th anniversary of the UN vote to approve the Partition Plan, dividing the British-ruled Palestine Mandate into a Jewish state and an Arab state.

The Jews accepted the UN plan, the Arab states did not. They chose war, all kicked out their almost 800 000 Jewish citizens, and put the Arab Israelis who left (on the advice of these same countries) into refugee camps where they still live today.

The Jews kicked out of the Arab states were immediately absorbed as Israeli citizens.

Liebel Mangel’s short video clearly illustrates the absurdity of the world body’s ludicrous demand that Israel give the strategic Golan Heights to Syria, the most unstable country in the region.


  1. 4 nat cheiman 02 Dec
    The UN is about to become irrelevant.
    Surely these resolutions are not only absurd but are they actually worth reporting?
  2. 3 Choni 04 Dec
    Nat, The U.N. might be irrelevant, but it is only body in which a country can express it's opinion. In the case of S.Africa it shows that whenever a resolution concerning Israel is open for discussion, S.Africa always votes against Israel. Torah says (Gen 12; 2-3) He who blesses Israel will be blessed, and who who curses Israel will be cursed" I submit that any vote against Israel is like cursing Israel.
    There is no doubt that S.Africa is being cursed for it's actions at the U.N.Just look at the crime, aids, economy, drought etc. etc,. Every S.African including Jews will suffer these curses on way or another.
  3. 2 Hal Goldberg 04 Dec
    The UN has for a long time been nothing but a talking shop hijacked by the Islamic world and to a large extent is irrelevant.

    The Un was set up to prevent war after the 2nd WW yet how has it succeeded?

    Isn't time that a more relevant body was formed that safeguarded against religious bigotry?  
  4. 1 Choni 05 Dec
    Hal, See my comment above. It's not about the U.N. It's about S.African government anti /Israel stance.

    P.S. Even the rugby is cursed.


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