Five oils to try this Chanukah

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It’s the week of frying while we celebrate the miracle of the oil lasting for eight nights, instead of just one. That’s how the story goes, right?
by SHANNON SARNA | Dec 08, 2016

And if you are getting into the spirit of enjoying some fried foods, you might be wondering which oils are best to use. While your extra virgin olive oil might be great the rest of the year, let it sit the week of Chanukah out. Here are a few other oils to consider:

Coconut oil 

If you are trying to be healthy, or keeping a paleo-style diet, then coconut oil is for you. Coconut oils get extra points for health benefits as well as a high smoke point, which is important for frying both latkes and sufganiyot. Caution: Some coconut oils may leave a (surprise, surprise) slight coconut taste, so experts recommend trying a few brands before frying up latkes for 100 people. 

Peanut oil 

If you care more about flavour than health, peanut oil might be for you. Similar to coconut oil, it has a high smoke point but does not impart the same health benefits. For doughnuts, it can lend a complimentary nutty flavour to the sweetness of your fried treats. 

Safflower oil 

Safflower oil is very light and imparts almost no taste to the foods you are frying, but like peanut oil doesn’t do anything for your health. 

Red palm oil 

Red palm oil is one of the latest “superfoods” and is said to be both neutral in flavour and have major health benefits when consumed daily. Some health experts say the oil of the red palm fruit is regarded as a sacred healing food by ancient civilisations. However, others warn that the production of red palm oil plays a role in rainforest depletion and the habitat destruction of orangutans. 

Vegetable oil 

Personally I stick to vegetable oil or canola oil for the simple fact that I almost always have it on hand, it does not impart any flavour to fried foods and it gets the job done. But it does not have the same health benefits as coconut or palm oil. (JTA)



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