Israel policy: ANC schizophrenia at play

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Government policy and ANC policy on Israel are at loggerheads, although the ANC is the governing party.
by OWN CORRESPONDENT | Jan 26, 2017

“Relations with Israel are normal, cordial, friendly and are relations that we value and continue to cherish,” Clayson Monyela, head of public diplomacy at the Department of International Relations and Co-operation (Dirco) and Dirco spokesman, told the SA Jewish Report last week.

This flies in the face of ANC statements and claims on the issue, with calls not to visit Israel (unless to help make peace with the Palestinians), one-sided support for the Palestinians, allegations of Israeli “apartheid” and even a statement that the establishment of Israel was a crime against humanity. There have been ANC calls for boycotts and isolation.

Earlier this month President Jacob Zuma reiterated the call not to visit Israel at the ANC 105th birthday celebrations and the ANC reacted hysterically when DA leader Mmusi Maimane visited Israel and the Palestinian territories.

South Africa has also been the most vociferous and outspoken democracy against Israel in every available international forum, frequently sounding more anti-Israel than Israel’s avowed enemies and often playing a leading role in the demonisation of Israel at the United Nations and elsewhere.

“So, on the one hand relations are good, trade is good, contacts and travel are good - all these are just some aspects of normal relations, while on the other hand they are unacceptable and should be stopped. This could be case of ANC split personality,” said a prominent member of the community, who does not want to be identified.


  1. 4 Louis Joffe 26 Jan
    Two faced government.
  2. 3 yitzchak 26 Jan
    and I won't be visiting Nkandla because there is no pool to wash all the sheep( Black and White)
  3. 2 mordechai 27 Jan
    why would anyone be surprised ? Let me remind all who idiolised the "great" Mandela that he was the architecht of the current hate Israel policy -
  4. 1 nat cheiman 27 Jan
    The ANC is an unbalanced organisation. Almost everything worthwhile in SA has collapsed.
    Is it important what SA gov. & the ANC think about Israel?
    I think not. We as a country are the laughing stock of the world with the shenanigans and burnig of schools and regulations for industry & mines and then our expectation to attract investment. 
    Buffoons are leading SA.
    They  hate Israel but love Iran, N Korea, Cuba etc.
    Go figure!!!!


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