Mitzvah 384 helps us clear our minds

  • ParshaRevMatzner
Only a few weeks ago, in Parshat Bechukotai, we came across the expression “walking casually with G-d”.
by REV JOSEPH MATZNER | Jun 08, 2017

The habit of walking casually with G-d usually makes its appearance in times of abundance, when the source of our blessings recedes to the back of our minds and becomes marginal.

Mitzvah 384 in our Parsha will help us to clear our minds and dispel all the secondary causes of our situations, good or bad.

In order to bring out the full flavour of this mitzvah, I propose that you read the following from Sefer Hachinuch Mitzvah 384 Parshat Beha’alotcha.

“The precept of sounding trumpets at the Sanctuary and in battle to sound the trumpets in the Sanctuary every day when every offering was sacrificed, and so likewise in times of troubles: for it is stated, ‘And when you go to war, etc you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets (Numbers 10:9)’, and it is written afterward, as well. Also on the day of your gladness and your appointed seasons, and at the beginning of your months, you shall blow the trumpets over your burnt-offerings and over the sacrifices of your peace-offerings, etc (ibid. 10).

“Now, although Scripture gave instructions about a day of gladness, and appointed festive season, and the beginning of a month, these are not meant particularly. For every day they would sound the trumpets at the sanctuary over an offering.

“At the root of the precept lies the reason that at the time of an offering they had to focus their thoughts well about its purpose. As is known, it could become disqualified through certain specific thoughts. Moreover, an offering required perfect concentration of intention before the Sovereign Master of all who command us about it.

“So, also at a time of trouble, a man needs great concentration when he pleads before his Creator that He should have pity on him and rescue him from his misfortune. Therefore, they were commanded about sounding the trumpets at these times. For man, being possessed of physical matter [the body], requires a great arousal to matters.

“For human nature, with nothing to arouse it, will remain asleep. And nothing will stir him like sounds of melody - it is known matter - and all the more certainly trumpets, the blast of which is the strongest sound among all musical instruments.

“And there is another benefit to be found in the blast of the trumpets, as it would seem, apart from the arousal to proper intention. For, by the sounds, a man will remove from his heart the thought of other affairs of the world, and will pay attention at that time to nothing but the matter of the offering.

“But why should I go on at length, when this is known (evident) to anyone who gives ear to trumpets and the peal of the shofar with proper intention.”

The Jewish people are reminded daily to “walk appreciatively with G-d”. 


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