‘This day’ we brace for the redemption

  • ilan hermann
Moshiach is the catalyst that will bring about the emancipation of mankind and of the world. The Messianic arrival ushers a transition from a historically lengthy period of Divine concealment, to a time of Divine manifestation, where the process of history and G-d’s purpose in His creation, culminates and is revealed.
by REV ILAN HERRMANN | Aug 18, 2017

The Messianic era heralds a dramatic shift, where the world and mankind are rid of ills and negativity, with goodness and blessing engulfing all existence.

The ongoing buzz proclaiming the imminent arrival of Moshiach, has been stated with more frequency and with greater intensity over the last few decades and particularly over the last few years. But with time passing and no Moshiach, one ends up wondering if it’s really real, and if it’s ever going to happen.

So, let me reaffirm this principle-view categorically. Yes, Moshiach is coming, and yes, very soon, if not sooner.

It is worth noting that this perspective is today shared by every scholar of Torah without exception, from the most astute of sages, to the intelligent student who has basic insight into Jewish thought.

This total uniformity of agreement is in itself a distinct phenomenon. Never has it been so in-sync, collectively endorsed and uncontested, as it is today.

Furthermore, there are spine-chilling prophetic insights that are clearly documented in authentic Torah texts, some from over 2 000 years ago, which foretell of the period before Moshiach’s arrival. These predicted signs and events have uncannily manifested in great volume in recent times, bearing testimony to the cosmic transformation that is set to unfold.

The opening words of our portion also gives us a deep insight into this extraordinary time. They read: “See I have placed before you ‘this day’ blessing and curse.” The term “this day” is also used elsewhere, referring to the day of (before) Moshiach’s arrival in the verse, “Today (Moshiach will come), if you hearken to His (G-d’s) voice.” (Psalms 95:7).

Anytime the same word is used in different parts of the Torah there is a link and tie-in to both ideas. How then is the statement describing “blessing and curse”, related to the time just before Moshiach’s arrival?

The Talmud in Sanhedrin gives us the key. Sanhedrin teaches that Moshiach will come to a generation that is enigmatically characterised by a deep paradox and further, that the paradox is built from a single dimension!

The unique time in which we live, suggests we are impossibly near to Moshiach, both from a remarkably positive perspective (blessing) and simultaneously, a negative (curse).

The positive is that in our modern day the world offers as never before in history, the freedom for the Jew to be able to live a completely open and unfettered Jewish life and lifestyle (blessing) - this means that G-d’s truth is able to be expressed in Creation without restriction, antagonism or objection.

But paradoxically, the nature of this time of freedom as it impacts on human choice (or lack thereof), results in a numbness to spiritual identity, such that erosion through assimilation is critical and devastating. The same source is creating the paradox, signalling that we are nearer than ever.



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