A tree as a metaphor for different aspects of life

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It’s been six weeks of confusion, six weeks of uncertainty, as to how the I Exist project at King David Linksfield would actually come together. Six weeks of teamwork, co-operation, contemplation and understanding of where we have come from and where we are on our way to. But the mayhem and confusion finally culminated into an exceptional exhibition.

A tree represents many aspects of life. It symbolises new beginnings, growth and development, as well as the different paths and journeys people take in their lives.

As the grade eights, we were required to understand elements of our roots and heritage in the form of understanding our parents’ and grandparents' values, where our great-grandparents came from and tying key themes of everyday life to our Jewish heritage.

Just like a tree's roots give foundation and strength, so do the trees of our family, heritage and past, give us strength to be tall, proud and involved Jewish South Africans.

As the grade nines we were given different topics which questioned aspects of our lives and Judaism. We were required to link our themes through a thought-provoking question to our Jewish values.

We had to create flowers, posters, poems and smaller trees, which were displayed at the exhibition.

Just like a tree's branches support and maintain its structure, so too our Jewish values give us structure and support.

Our participation in this project has taught us that just like a tree starts off as a small sapling in a dark space, not fully aware of what its journey entails, it slowly blossoms and grows into a strong, sturdy, fully-grown tree, representing knowledge and understanding. 

The project taught us a number of critical life lessons:

1) Always remain connected to your Jewish values and heritage.

2) Team work and communication are key to success.

3) Life is a journey, not a destination. Embrace the challenges for that is what we learn from.

4) Our family and those who came before us, are our foundation and the reason we are who we are.

As sets of siblings we realise how important family is to ensure a strong, solid foundation.  This foundation enriches our lives and makes us want to #Exist!

* To find out more about the #iExist exhibits, go to


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