Seeking information on early Jewish landsleit in South Africa

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Over the past 12 years, I’ve compiled many books on South African Jewry. The proceeds have gone mainly to the Arcadia Jewish Children’s Home in Johannesburg, which has received about R1.4 million.
by David Solly Sandler, Australia | Aug 23, 2018

My next compilation will be on South African landmanschaften (Jewish sick and benefit societies/associations of the early 20th century).

In South Africa, there were mutual-aid societies/associations/landsleit from many mainly Lithuanian towns, including Anykster, Birzer, Chelm, Dwinsk, Keidan, Kelmer, Kovno, Krakinowo, Kroze, Kupisker, Kurland, Riga, Lutzin, Malat, Minsk, Ponevez, Poswohl, Plungian, Rakishok, Schavlaner, Schawler, Shater, Tels, Utianer, Wilner, and Zagare.

While I have published booklets on Keidan and Krakinowo, and have booklets on Ponevez and Malat, I am appealing for information and any other publications on these landsleit or any others from South Africa. I am also seeking publications regarding any Jewish communities in Johannesburg.

If you can help, please contact David Solly Sandler at [email protected]


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  1. 1 Ivan Basserabie 25 Aug
    I read with interest today that you have written and published a booklet covering the history of immigration from Krakinowo to South Sfrica. My grandfather immigrated in 1900 and I would like to buy if possible the Krakinowo booklet.
    My email address is 
    [email protected]
    Many thanks


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