Xenopoulos celebrates his year of being Jewish

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Jason Xenopoulos, the winner of the Creative Counsel Entrepreneur Award, told the Absa Jewish Achiever audience, “As individuals, we are all responsible for society at large. Collectively, it is our responsibility to heal the world.”
by JORDAN MOSHE | Sep 06, 2018

Film director and Chief Vision Officer at VML Media, Xenopoulos believes in the practice of inspiring connections wherever possible. It is our job, he says, to seek them out.

“At VML, we are anchored in the belief that everything in the universe is connected,” he says. “Our world is one of increasing volatility, and we need to effect positive change by uniting to a common purpose, and establishing meaningful connections amongst ourselves.”

With neither a Jewish father nor a Jewish surname, Xenopoulos says his Judaism is an aspect often overlooked. Still, he maintains that 2018 has been his “year of being Jewish”. The father of triplets (all of whom turned 13 this year), he was fortunate to celebrate a double Barmitzvah and belated Batmitzvah with his family earlier this year. “I never had a Barmitzvah myself,” says Xenopoulos. “I was fortunate to have one through my children. I’ve always been proud to be Jewish, but never as proud as I feel right now.”

Xenopoulos says that the award is not his alone, but is equally that of his clients and VML at large. “Without these people, success would simply have been impossible. I accept my award on behalf of all of them as well.”

He also credits his parents, Joan and Roy, and his wife, Rahla, for the award, saying that Rahla “is my source of inspiration and support. She is my very reason for being.”


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