Muslim paper awards Jewish author for outstanding writing

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Philip Feinstein, formerly of Johannesburg now resident in Sydney, Australia, earlier this month received an award from the Australasian Muslim Times (AMUST) for contribution to the paper.
by OWN CORRESPONDENT | Aug 22, 2019

“It’s an honour for us to have Philip Feinstein as a regular columnist, and part of the AMUST team,” said Zia Ahmad, editor in chief of the monthly Muslim newspaper at its gala awards evening. “Philip’s columns are highly appreciated by our readers, and contribute towards a diversity of views in the paper.”

The gala dinner in the Sydney suburb of Bankstown was attended by more than 200 movers and shakers, including Rabbi Zalman Kastel, and Shoshana Cochrane, group leader of not-for-profit organisation Courage to Care, among other members of the Jewish community. Also in attendance were interfaith leaders, politicians, government officials, and other members of the diverse community. With its publication of issue #163, AMUST has completed five years of successful publication.

“The Australasian Muslim Times is a paper I feel comfortable with due to its acceptance of open-minded editorial,” said Philip Feinstein, the chief executive of Music for Refugees – which gives jam sessions to people in detention – and the leader of Jews for Refugees in New South Wales. “I appreciate its acceptance of the variety of stories that I write, all directed at peace between Jews, Muslims, and Christians – plus Tutsis and Hutus in east Africa.

“Philip was presented with an award as an outstanding writer by Chin Tan, race discrimination commissioner at the Australian Human Rights Commission,” said Ahmad. “His writing contributes towards interfaith understanding between our Jewish and Muslim communities in Australia, highlighting the good work that is being carried to maintain peace and harmony in our country.

“While most media outlets tend to focus on the bad news around the world, AMUST aims to bring various sections of the community together by highlighting achievements and co-operation between Australia’s multicultural communities, said editor Mobinah Ahmad. “Our readership is progressive and forward thinking.”

In one of his most recent stories, Feinstein writes about the Jewish contribution of more than NZ$1 million (R9.8 million) towards grieving Muslim families of the recent Christchurch massacre. “Despite the atrocity, it’s heart-warming to see how one religion can support another at times like this,” he said.


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