Remembering the great Samuel Moch

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When Samuel (Shmuel) Moch came to South Africa at a young age from Lithuania, he couldn’t read or write. In spite of this, he became a successful industrialist, with a passion for family and community service.
by OWN CORRESPONDENT | Sep 05, 2019

In celebration of his memory, his grandson, Dr Jonathan Moch and wife, Shirra, sponsored a grand kiddush (blessing) at Sandringham Gardens on 24 August  to honour his grandfather’s 50th yahrtzeit (the anniversary of his death).

At the kiddush, Moch told how his grandfather was the founding member and benefactor of many communal organisations, including Sandringham Gardens and the Chevrah Kadisha. In fact, he was a major supporter of the Chevrah Kadisha for 28 years.

He was also vice-chairman of the Witwatersrand Jewish Old Aged Home, and a wing of Sandringham Gardens is dedicated to his memory. In addition, he was honorary life president of the Emmarentia Hebrew Congregation, and the founder of the Samuel Moch Talmud Torah.

He celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary with a party for the residents of Sandringham Gardens only two months before his death, and made a large donation to the home in honour of the occasion.

As a gesture of respect for Moch, the Chevrah Kadisha closed its offices on the day of his funeral on 28 August 1969. The Jewish press commented on his funeral and philanthropic activity.

Chev Group Rabbi Jonathan Fox said, “To have your yahrtzeit commemorated 50 years after your passing in such a special manner shows what a special individual he was. The chev’s participation in this tribute after all this time is truly bashert (meant to be)”. He praised the Moch family for recognising their ancestor, and for following in his footsteps by living lives of Jewish values and generosity.


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