SA Methodist Church formally adopts BDS

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The Methodist Church of Southern Africa (MCSA) formally adopted Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) principles against Israel at its annual conference in September 2019, closely following the Anglican Church of South Africa’s decision to do so in September.
by TALI FEINBERG | Oct 31, 2019

The Methodist Church has more than 66 000 members across southern Africa and 40 million followers globally, while the Anglican Church has about three million members across southern Africa and 80 million followers around the world.

“It’s no coincidence that the Methodist resolution comes so soon after the Anglican Church’s recent synod resolution. Taken together, they are clearly evidence of a BDS campaign to infiltrate churches and use them as pawns in its anti-Semitic political campaign to undermine Israel through a deliberate campaign of distortion and misinformation,” says Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein.

“The Methodist Church’s stance on this is immoral. The church has been brought into disrepute by supporting BDS, which is acknowledged globally as an anti-Semitic organisation. It’s disgraceful behaviour.”

MCSA’s formal statement directs its members to “boycott, disinvest, and sanction all businesses that benefit the Israeli economy; that all future holy land tours organised by Methodist clergy or persons affiliated to the MCSA [are] to boycott all Israeli operators and tours and deliberately seek out tours that offer an alternative Palestinian perspective”.

The South African Friends of Israel (SAFI), which engages with thousands of Christian supporters of the Jewish State, also condemned the move, calling it an “unholy resolution of hate against the Jewish state of Israel”.

Says SAFI National Chairperson Rowan Polovin: “It appears that the MCSA has been wilfully blinded by the medieval doctrine of ‘replacement theology’. This anti-Semitic doctrine attempts to deny the Jewish covenant with G-d and the Jewish people’s unbreakable connection with the Bible.

“The modern manifestation of replacement theology is to use the weapons of BDS against Israel in the knowledge that this could undermine the Jewish state and speed up the manifestation of this theology. Those who engage in such nefarious antics, however, ought to re-read the Bible, particularly Genesis 12:3, which warns against cursing the Jewish nation. We call upon all Methodist Church members who wish to see genuine peace in the Middle East to voice their opposition to this resolution which has politicised the church,” says Polovin.

“It is important to note that there is consternation and disagreement within the churches (both Anglican and Methodist) on this BDS resolution,” he says. “We are engaging both churches at all levels and there is likely to be pushback from church leaders and members on this issue.”

The Methodist statement goes on to say that the decision to support BDS was made after “noting Israel’s ongoing ill-treatment and oppression of the Palestinian people; the historic prophetic role played by the church and international community in fighting apartheid and any form of discrimination and injustice; and as an act of solidarity with the people of Palestine”.

When the Anglican Church also formally adopted BDS some weeks ago, the chief rabbi said it was “morally offensive and based on a complete distortion of history”. He said BDS had been declared anti-Semitic by the United Nations, and therefore support for BDS is anti-Semitic in terms of international law.

The official leadership of the South African Muslim community welcomed the move, saying it “extends its heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the churches…”

A member of the interfaith movement in South Africa, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the MCSA’s adoption of BDS came as no surprise as some of its leaders have been outspokenly anti-Israel and have hosted pro-Palestinian events at their churches.

However, on social media, some Christian South Africans expressed their disappointment. Kevin M Joubert wrote on the MCSA Facebook page, “Disgusted in my church for supporting the terrorist-aligned BDS movement.”

“The Methodist and Anglican Church then can boycott the Bible too because the Bible was made in Israel too. Let them keep their BDS while we keep our Bible with all its prophesy about Israel, yesterday, now, and in the future,” wrote Tumelo Thom.

Pierre De Jager agreed, “The Bible is our highest authority and not the politics in the so-called churches. The Bible commands us to stand with Israel. The Israel-haters in the church brought the curse of G-d on our country, and we can see it every day.”

A member of the Anglican Church and a respected policy fellow at the Institute for Race Relations, John Kane-Berman, wrote on that he rejected his church’s embracing of the global BDS movement, “which is dedicated to the stigmatisation, isolation, and ultimate destruction of the state of Israel”.

“To this end, it has embarked on a campaign to capture governments, international agencies, newspapers, non-governmental organisations, and academic institutions around the world,” Kane-Berman wrote. “One thing is certain, the BDS campaign, whether or not endorsed by the Anglican Communion, will not bring peace between Palestinians and Israelis.”


  1. 7 loure 31 Oct
    I want to ask the Question,  our local Family PnP store in Odendaalsrus,  the owners are members of the Methodist Church,  
    Just wondering do they also Support The Methodist Church decision,  in Supporting BDS Movement,  
    DO they realise PnP is a Jewish owned,  
    TThat they even now about there Methodist Church decision to be patient of a Antisemite organisation 
    Nof wonder they behave towards me as  a Jew as they do 
  2. 6 ken 31 Oct
    Thanks and Praises be to the Creator Most High and through His Holy Spirit and the Ultimate Sacrifice of His Son, Yeshua, i left the methodist church. i am not sure how they proclaim the Kingdom of God.
  3. 5 Elaine 31 Oct

    As a Methodist, I will be demanding an explanation from the Methodist Church. As a Christian, I will immediately look for a new Church to attend as I will not be part of this anti-Israel stance.

  4. 4 Casper 31 Oct
    South Africa is certainly experiencing their opposition to Israel. G-D will not allow himself to be mocked. Throughout the BIBLE you read of people who apposed Israel and you see the consequences for that action. The MCSA and the Anglican church have their roots in Israel and I am severely disappointed at their actions. Obviously they don't understand their own bible. I am glad I terminated my membership 20 years ago. May G-D continue to bless the Jewish nation. My mother was Jewish
  5. 3 Jason 31 Oct
    The Methodist Church and the Anglican Church will regret turning on the Holy Land of Israel and turning their hatred on the G-D of Israel.
    i pity them .
  6. 2 Alvean 09 Nov
    As I belong to the Methodist Church I want to know how was this decision taken without the members of the Methodist Church knowing about it or being in agreement.  The Methodist Church must give an answer to its members.  I believe that most of the members of the Methodist Church will be in total disagreement with this decision as it is anti-the-Bible.  I stand by what the Bible teaches.  The Methodist Church must confirm or deny the truth of the signing with BDS.  I am taking steps to find out as if this is true I cannot  support a Church that is anti-Semitic.  I believe in the Covenant God made with Israel prophetically and in the last days (book of Revelations).  I am grossly disturbed that any Christian Church can put their names to the statements or stand of BDS.
  7. 1 Yvonne Paulette du Plessis 12 Nov
    To the Methodist Church that I have been a member of until now. The Church that I joined over 25 years ago where I found a spiritual home and to be a  small part of Christ's movement to spread  God's savinge grace I am asking why BDS?
    Firstly let me say the Ministers that have presided over the Methodist church  in KZN that I know of have been amazing in spreading the Gospel as Christ did. They supported change  in SA through many people and Peter Storey of the Methodist Church was one. However you cannot compare the situation thats faces Israel today. Palestinians of the peace loving kind  are able  to work and live side by side in Israel together with other faiths. There you find the Christian church, the Mosque and the Temple all in one city in Israel. So I and my family come to ask why are you and the leaders of the Methodist Church supporting the (BDS)  Boycott Disinvest, Sanctions on Israel? The Jihads of Hamas have one and only one driving ambition and that is to overcome Israel all at the cost of innocent Christians, Muslim Palestinians and Israelis. If you have not recognised from all of the atrocities that have taken place to serve just this  in the Middle East then a veil has been drawn across your eyes. So many of the  Muslim people are homeless and have been subjected to suppression by their very own people, the innocent once again being subjected to a movement that proudly say their aim is to overcome all the world even at the expense of their people and supporters.Their families don't have freedom of choice, many examples can underpin and validate this. Israel's land is about the size of our Kruger National  Park, give or take, their God
    given homeland! The Old and New Testament warns of this political interference that is not of God. God's spirit is one of healing and not one that will subject this small country to a circus of political and alliance Christilan Churches who don't recognise the Biblical and historical land that God gave to Israel. A small nation that once again stands attacked by a worldly  world that does not look to God and His Word  whilst all over the world sectarian, religious  and  politcal atrocities  take place with impunity!

    This has happened in past World history supporting political movements and offensives against  Israel. Relook God's Word. 


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