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Donald Trump may be the modern Cyrus in Israel’s history

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Everyone must see the address by the new American Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley.
by Rabbi Ben Isaacson, Johannesburg | Mar 09, 2017

Even if you failed to listen to her remarkable words, as instructed by President Donald Trump, of course, you could easily have picked it up through modern technology. Such support by a world power for Israel hardly exists. The contrary is true, especially on the Security Council comprising 90 per cent anti-Semites.

Former US President Barack Obama, the idol of the liberal left, abandoned Israel and led the show by facilitating the passing of a dangerous UN Security Council resolution (on expansion of settlements) against it, by abstaining.

Things looked dark for us. Added to this was how the vast majority of Jews in the US voted for Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton and the liberal left. The disgrace was softened by the Orthodox community, which by and large supported Trump.

This latter happening was in part brought about by a ruling from the rosh yeshiva of the famous Lakewood Yeshiva, the largest in the world, instructing his students to vote for Trump.

Clinton in her entire campaign did not once even mention the word “Israel”, whereas Trump on numerous appearances stated his commitment to Israel’s security. The Democrats almost chose as their candidate Bernie Sanders, who inter alia opined that America should decrease aid to Israel. This was also the view of Democratic officials in Obama’s State Department. It’s all on record.

I should not have to tell you about Trump’s daughter Ivanka, an Orthodox convert, Shomer Shabbat and all the rest. Her husband, a close adviser to the President, is also a well-known supporter of Chabad.

They went so far as to ask their rabbi whether they could attend the President’s inauguration since it fell on Shabbat; after he consulted with higher authorities, they were given a “heter” by the rabbi.

Finally, let us for a moment go back to the year 539 BC when the Jews, exiled by King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, who destroyed the First Temple, prayed night and day for their deliverance. Then there came a man named Koresh (Cyrus), King of Persia, who conquered Babylon and issued a decree permitting Jews who so desired to return to Jerusalem in order to rebuild the Temple, thus bringing about the glorious era of our Second Temple.

Maybe this is what the rosh yeshiva of Lakewood had in mind when he told his talmidim to vote for Trump. Is Donald the modern Cyrus? Well, he has certainly made a good start.  

The video referred to by Rabbi Isaacson is on the SA Jewish Report website. – editor 


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