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‘Sensational’ Nussbaums story could be damaging

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In light of the recent front-page headline in the SA Jewish Report, I could not help but address the loaded sensationalism and panic causing headline.
by Mashi Zukerman, Johannesburg | Aug 10, 2018

I have read the article in full. I have also read the press release from Nussbaums, and the light that you portray it in, is disgraceful to say the least.

Considering that Nussbaums have been open, honest and transparent, your portrayal is remarkably destructive.

One can only wonder what your underlying intention might be?

While, fact for fact you might counter that you are publishing “the truth”, this is clearly not your intention, as you have put out snippets of a distorted version to an ignorant public.

Your facts are not well validated, as your comparison to other butchery standards are not like for like, to say the least.

Unless you compare the microbiological result from each facility, you are comparing apples with pears.

I would go as far as to say that while behaving like an anti-Semitic press, you may very well cripple a family owned business. The onus is on you.

It appears you will happily cause maximum damage to get your readership up.

The SA Jewish Report – a paper without integrity. 

The SA Jewish Report reported on this as it was a situation that impacted heavily on our community. We contacted everyone concerned and placed before our readers all the facts possible to ensure that we provided as comprehensive a story as possible. Unlike Nussbaums, who indeed kept everyone abreast of what was happening for their business, we did our best to give you a full story with all the players involved. There was no sensationalism in the story, the facts as they were was all you got. – Editor


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