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Prejudice of Orthodoxy is dividing South African Jews

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I refer to the outstanding article in last week’s paper which asks who will follow in the steps of Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis.
by Steven Meltzer | Nov 01, 2018

With the unfortunate growth of anti-Semitism in the world, the time has come for all Orthodox Jews to follow his lead. The official attitude to non-Orthodox communities, their rabbis and leaders, is not correct, and causes a rift between Jews in South Africa.

We have enough anti-Semitism – we don’t need this anymore. I am not just referring to prejudice against LBGT+, the “ban” on Orthodox rabbis attending Limmud must also be lifted. Chief Rabbi Mirvis attends Limmud in London!

If there is a Conservative speaker, or a subject that the rabbis don’t want to hear, so be it. There are another 140 interesting subjects presented over the weekend. All food is strictly kosher, and there are Orthodox services over Shabbos. There are signs all over that out of respect to those observing Shabbos, no smoking or cell phones are allowed in communal areas.

We are one Jewish nation in South Africa, irrespective of how we pray or don’t pray. By the way, all Reform/Conservative/Liberal services have Shema Yisroel in their liturgy.

All the Jews in South Africa, irrespective of our ways of praying to Hashem, came together, led by our chief rabbi, after the tragic murder of 11 fellow Jews at the Tree of Life Conservative Temple in Pittsburgh.

Let’s continue to be one Jewish nation in South Africa


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