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Excessive exposure can be counterproductive

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A few months ago, I expressed my view on what I considered to be excessive exposure on the front page of the SA Jewish Report of a medical practitioner and his re-instatement after being struck off for despicable, unprofessional conduct.
by Albert Glass, Johannesburg | Nov 08, 2018

I write once again, ‘cause you’ve done it again. This time, in the paper dated 26 October, it’s about the front page and the prominence given to Wits student leaders and their alignment with BDS. You have given them prominence and space they do not deserve. And, by appearing so “in your face”, they have achieved their aim ... public prominence. You erred here, I’m afraid!

As if that wasn’t bad enough, on page 3 of the same issue, the full page devoted to the “Hitler-loving activist” and his tweets was more than over the top. We (the greater community) have only ourselves to blame for the obsession we have with using electronic gadgetry to comment and speak our minds so freely and - as is all too frequent - so carelessly and recklessly without any regard for the consequences .

The power we have in the palm of our hands is devastating. We perceive ourselves as experts in every field, as commentators on social, political, and other issues. Do we realise that once we press the “send” button, the damage is instant? How much careful thought (otherwise known as brain power) has gone into rushing to tweet, Instagram, or whatever? Apologising after the fact certainly does not indicate sincere remorse by the perpetrator when the error is pointed out or lands them in hot water.

There are people around like Mcebo Dlamini, but don’t give him or his ilk exposure like this.


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