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The left’s double standards on Israel

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I’m so glad that I read Paula Slier’s column before I read the letters in last week’s SA Jewish Report.
by Michele Engelberg, Johannesburg | Mar 07, 2019

Netanyahu has joined with the Jewish Power party, and they are said to be racist against Arabs. Slier points out that even though this is simply Netanyahu trying to ensure his political survival, there are Jewish organisations that are dismayed by this move, even downright angered and outspoken about it.

But, she then asks where these critics were when “Arab Knesset member Hanin Zoabi joined the 2010 Gaza flotilla, called Israeli soldiers ‘murderers’, praised Palestinians who carried out deadly attacks on Israelis, and met their families in solidarity?” Where were these critics when other Arab Knesset members and government officials acted in favour of terrorists and squarely against the best interests of the state of Israel?

Then, on the letters page, there is an offering from the Jewish Democratic Initiative. It also condemns Netanyahu’s alliance with the Jewish Power party, citing it as racist. And so, the same question must be directed at this organisation: where were you when Arab Knesset members intentionally worked to support terrorists to the detriment of Israel?

Would any other country tolerate their own parliamentarians working to sabotage their own state? I call them traitors. No other government would accept it.

My view is that Israel is too liberal in this way. It doesn’t make sense to employ people who work contrary to the peace, security and prosperity of the country they are meant to uphold.

But we don’t hear about that. That goes under the radar. Why? Maybe because Jews are supposed to be open-minded and tolerant. Indeed, those are lofty ideals. But not if it is a double standard. If you won’t criticise the extreme left, then you can’t criticise the extreme right.

It’s not racism. It’s balance.

As a final note, no Jews live in Gaza today. And we understand that no Jews who would be part of a new Palestinian state. Compare that with the many religious faiths and races that live in Israel today. This also is not balanced. This is racism against Jews. But it’s not even questioned. We should all just take this little titbit for granted. 


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