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In supporting BDS, is SA govt denying Israel’s right to exist?

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Hardly a day passes that we don’t read disparaging articles condemning, criticising, and demeaning Israel. There is no end to what her detractors will dig up in order to malign the Jewish state.
by Allan Wolman, Israel | Jun 13, 2019

What will never be written by those whose agenda is to destroy Israel is why, in a region of extreme drought where water is such a scarce commodity, those Arab states, almost drowning in oil, do not devote a miniscule portion of their wealth to water recycling or desalination. They spend billions of dollars on arms, on supporting terror groups, and suppressing their own populations in order to maintain their dictatorships.

Israel’s ingenuity has not only made it the world’s leading country for water recycling and desalinisation, but also a leader in the fields of agriculture, science, medicine, and other forms of modern technology. Deprived of the wealth that oil has produced for the Arab world, and reliant on her own resources, Israel leads the world in these fields, whereas the Arab world has degenerated into a malaise of corruption, despotism, and genocide. And, Israel has become the scapegoat of these failed degenerate states.

Boycott Divestment Sanction’s (BDS’s) mission statement, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, depicts the map of Palestine without any trace of Israel. This mission statement is not only chanted at every protest march by the anti-Israel lobby, it is on every official Palestinian document, office, and its coat of arms.

In other words, Israel does not exist in the eyes of BDS, Palestinian officialdom, or anti-Israel activists. In spite of the country being established legally, and voted a full member of the family of nations at the United Nations, it is not recognised by these groups, and every initiative is explored and exploited to further their narrative.

It begs the question whether in its coziness with these groups, the South African government takes the same view.


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