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Insane conduct – Jewish and non-Jewish – leaves me nonplussed

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In reading the issue of 24 July, one is left amazed, angry, and nonplussed about the way people from all over – Jewish and non-Jewish – conduct themselves.
by Albert Glass, Cape Town | Jul 30, 2020

The pernicious use of the social-media platforms to give vent to feelings is shocking to say the least. Whilst the lockdown and its regulations raises one’s sentiments and frustrations to more than boiling point, to resort to antisemitic outbursts at the slightest provocation indicates an illness in society of pandemic proportions.

The Jew is once again the scapegoat. Lurking just below the skin of some is this Jew-hating kanker that erupts because social media may feel it’s right to scapegoat others like Jews. Where does this anti manifest from? Is it taught at home? It seems that when frustration boils over, blame the Jew!

Recently, a video in circulation had someone in the United States berating us because it was claimed that our forebears, who in the early days were trading as smouses in far-flung areas, went around “educating” (it’s claimed) simple folk living there to hate, and blaming us for promoting slavery and the like. It’s a crazy, crazy world, is it not? And people get swept up in this nonsense, and think that there must be elements of truth to these preposterous claims. In some twisted way, they attempt to use this as justification for scapegoating the Jew today. And, nearer home, did we not suffer too in similar circumstances?

If that wasn’t enough, the story of the young couple who went star gazing in the streets of Johannesburg and encountered rough handling from the South African police! Another crazy situation! To do something that will most certainly provoke those in authority is beyond comprehension. Was the couple determined to flaunt regulation and chance their arm because they reckoned in their moment of romance that they were untouchable? A stupid thing to do! We all know only too well that the SAPS has little communication skills. This young couple showed a complete lack of understanding that, too, is beyond comprehension. If one looks for trouble, it will find you! 


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