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Youngster’s objection to antisemitism worth a thousand words

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Sadly, it seems that there will always be stupid, egotistical, ignorant, and insensitive people who say hurtful things that tug at our heartstrings as a Jewish nation. On the front page of last week’s SA Jewish Report (24 July 2020), the culprit was Dustyn Drummer. Apparently, he “got scared, and made an apology video”. I’m not sure if it was genuine or not, but he’s really not what I wanted to waste my time talking about; he just gives context to the situation.
by Michele Engelberg, Johannesburg | Jul 30, 2020

I want to mention the two far more impressive young black men, Neo Carolissen and Lindo Shandu, who confronted him.

Shandu told the SA Jewish Report that he confronted Drummer because, “Earlier this year, I learned about what happened back then [the Holocaust], and it hit home because I have a Jewish friend and whenever we play rugby at different schools, they mock him. So I’ve had it up to here with people like him, and on top of that, he offended my race and was saying racial slurs.”

His statement is so telling. First, he makes reference to the fact that he learned about the Holocaust. That’s why education is so important. That’s why I support the South African Jewish Board of Deputies when it goes after these ignorant people to educate them. Because education is life-changing.

Also, the fact that he has a Jewish friend is relevant because he knows someone whose family members suffered as a result of the Holocaust. This makes the Holocaust more real to him than just learning about it.

This statement is also a testament to the friendship these two young men share – one black, one Jewish. Wish there were more like that!

Then, he says that when they go to play rugby at different schools, “they mock him”. He has experienced anti-Jewish sentiment against his friend first hand.

Finally, he says that the offender also made anti-black insults: “On top of that, he offended my race, and was saying racial slurs.” That’s the crux of it. If someone is intolerant of one group, they will be intolerant of other groups, even when it isn’t obvious yet. It’s only a matter of time until that truth is revealed. 


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