Time to say goodbye

  • MichaelSieff
Most regular readers of this column will be surprised to know that this is my last one, as I have decided to leave the Chev to pursue other opportunities. As King Solomon, the wisest man ever to have lived, famously said: “To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven…”
by MICHAEL SIEFF | Nov 16, 2017

I would like to share that having worked for this remarkable organisation for the past eight years, I hold it in the highest esteem.

As it approaches its 130th anniversary, it remains faithful to the beautiful philosophy upon which it was founded. There is a purity of purpose, a genuine and sincere commitment to help our community and the many within it who cannot help themselves.

It is the reason there are no Jewish beggars on our streets and the reason every Jew in our city has shelter, food, education and healthcare. It is an organisation deserving of community support - deserving of your support. No Jew gets left behind.

This period has been a time of considerable growth for me, both personally and professionally. I have seen people rise to the highest heights of kindness, compassion, generosity and integrity. I have also, sadly, seen people sink to the lowest depths of misery.

What has always inspired and motivated me, is how the Chev is able to raise them up in such situations and restore them to a place of dignity and hope. Those are the humbling times when G-d’s presence in the world feels tangible - He is always with us, always watching and caring.

Working at the Chev has been a labour of love for me and I have instituted and observed many positive improvements over the years. I leave confident in the knowledge that our staff culture has completely evolved - team spirit and work pride has never been higher, which translates into an elevated standard of care and service for all our 1 000 residents and the thousands more families and individuals who receive our support.

Due to the outstanding work of our superb professional team and lay leaders, our facilities are in the process of being transformed - not only physically but also in terms of service delivery.

We have a fully compliant financial reporting structure; our proactive and reactive social services programmes are cutting-edge, relevant and constructive; our cemeteries run efficiently, compassionately and have never had better security and two-way communication between the Chev and all our stakeholders is unprecedented in its history.

I move on, personally satisfied with the extensive progress made.

All that remains is for me to wish you, our truly wonderful, supportive Jewish community, joy and success in all your endeavours. I feel blessed and honoured to have been your partner and to have been of service to you.

May our partnership continue to thrive.

[email protected]

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  1. 1 Jenny Fletcher 17 Nov
    Dear Mr. Sieff,
    My name is Jenny Fletcher and have been living at Sandringham Square which is part of Sandringham Gardens for 9 years now. I have met occasionally when you came to visit us. I would like to wish you everything of the very best in your new venture.
    Jenny Fletcher


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