An open letter to the class of 2018

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Dear Grade 12s My name is Galit Milstein and I matriculated in 2017. I write this letter in the hope that my experiences will help those who feel anxious about the coming year. It could also help make matric as productive as possible for you.
by GALIT MILSTEIN | Jan 18, 2018

Matric is  sometimes complicated and challenging. However, it can also be exciting, memorable and one of the best years of your high school career. Here are my tips on how to deal with the challenges and make the best of the year.       

Firstly, finding out what type of learner you are is key to studying anything. Take the assessment to see whether you’re a visual or an auditory learner, then  log on to Google to research effective study tips for that particular style of learning.

Be resourceful. If you ask teachers for help, they are usually more than willing to explain, give you practice essays, go through past papers with you and sometimes give you the best advice about matric and life after school.

If you go for extra lessons outside school, make time to go through your work beforehand, or if it’s closer to exam time, do a past paper before the lesson. It will make the most of the time you have with your teacher and you can clarify anything you’re having trouble understanding. If you do not go for extra lessons and you need help, ask a past matriculant for help, visit the Khan Academy website or search the topics you’re struggling with on YouTube!

Other tips include setting goals and dealing with anxiety by consulting with a doctor or psychologist, or finding breathing techniques, or watching YouTube tutorials on effective stress management.

Never give up. If you get a poor mark for a subject in prelims, make the effort to improve it. Ignore the negativity, study hard and give it your all.

Practise by doing as many past papers as possible, and don’t forget to stay active. Exercising regularly is great for your mind and body. It energises you  and helps you get through the day/assignment/exam.

Staying positive is key. And, if you want to do well in maths, be disciplined. Dedicate one hour a day to practising maths. Do this now, at the start of the year, to buildi a strong foundation and help you pinpoint what you’re having trouble with – with time before a test to fix the problem.

Best of luck




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