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    NPA head cannot be political acolyte

    Aug 16, 2018 Go comment!
    As Shaun Abrahams was effectively sent out to pasture by the Constitutional Court this week, the bottleneck that had been obstructing the rehabilitation of the country’s criminal justice system was finally released. And with that, the country breathed a collective sigh of relief. The decision has given President Cyril Ramaphosa what he so desperately needs, the ability to appoint a National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) of his own choosing.
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    Don’t mention the war? Towards better Jewish-Muslim relations

    Aug 16, 2018 2 Comments
    In the 1975 BBC TV comedy series, Fawlty Towers, hapless hotelier Basil Fawlty (played by John Cleese) whispers to Polly, the maid, “Don’t mention the war!” right before he does just that, upsetting his German guests with outrageous comments, and goose stepping around the dining room.
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    No contradiction in being fully Jewish and fully South African

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    One of the Limmud sessions that attracted the most interest was the one addressing the complex, indeed fraught, question of how Jews (and whites in general) have adapted to the post-apartheid order in South Africa, and how they should relate to and interact with the greater society.
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    • Geoff

    Here comes a curveball for our leaders

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    Pervasive negativity towards Israel in the ANC and elsewhere has meant that South African Jews have long had a hard time defending it in the public domain.
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    The way to a Jewish person’s heart

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    We spent the past weekend on the idyllic island of Mauritius, where we took part in a family celebration. Thirty of us had gathered from all over the world to enjoy a rare and very precious few days together.
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