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    R. Berland a free man in Amsterdam

    Sep 14, 2014 10 Comments
    STOP PRESS: Full story to be posted Monday – here is the abridged version, from the horse’s mouth so to speak. Rabbi Eliezer Berland was released by a Dutch court on Friday. He has had to surrender his passport and is free to go anywhere in the European Union. He is not under house arrest. Read earlier stories today for links to the back-story - and see full post Monday.
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    This car will create a balegan in your household

    Aug 17, 2014 Go comment!
    No respectable Jewish driveway should be without one, but, be warned, untold trouble will brew in the family. Why? Because there’ll always be more than one shouting “Shotgun!” for the privilege of using it! Jewish Report’s team test drove KIA’s new KOUP. It’s fast (very), seriously safe, an unbelievably fun-filled drive and it has every mod con. It does have its issues, though, so don’t let bobba go shopping in it! Why not? Read on to find out…
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    Author of parsha is lacking in areas of Torah learning

    Jul 23, 2014 Go comment!
    I refer to the parsha in last week’s Jewish Report by a Cape Town Progressive rabbi. My criticism is not about the man, but I find the content disturbing.
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  • Users are on top form at comments

    Mar 05, 2014 1 Comment
    A number of Jewish Report readers registered their displeasure at the "half-naked" girl on the front page of the print edition two weeks ago. Read what they were chirping about, what else readers have been commenting on – reply to them or share your own opinion (you don’t have to disclose who you are but we do prefer it) on wnything published on SAJR Online. .
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  • A thousand Jews have two thousand opinions

    Feb 21, 2014 Go comment!
    SAJR Online will be posting a selection of the latest cvomments just before Shabbos comes in in Joburg this evening.
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