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Howard Feldman, SA Jewish Report’s non-executive chairman, has proven himself an accomplished scribe and media personality over the past six months: – publishing a series of incredibly well-read blogs, publishing a book and spending many hours hosting shows on ChaiFM. Read his latest blog: “Failure of Power” – another dozen he has posted on Jewish Report Online and his “It takes a Village to Raise a Child” which became the most-read blog ever on SAJR Online. Check out this teaser - and read it all!
by ANT KAYZ | Dec 20, 2014

 A teaser from the just-posted FAILURE OF POWER - click to read it all

"The threat of a countrywide blackout is slowly sneaking into the public domain. A hint here and a veiled reference there, and suddenly it is all around us. It is slowly taking shape in our consciousness and we can’t quite place where we heard it first.

JerusalemU"The “what ifs” loom over us like a Damocles and we find ourselves still angry, but yet grateful that we are powerless for a few hours and not a few weeks.

"But let’s do what we are told not to. Let’s imagine what would, what should, and what might happen if the lights had to go out for the two weeks that it would take them to re-establish the grid if a total collapse were to occur.

"It is December, summer vacation time. Our children are home from school and many are preparing to leave their homes to travel to our parts of the country. It has been a tough year economically and the like the last exam, there is strengthen us to just write it, put down our pens, exhale and then have a break. This year, however might not be the restorative period that we are looking for."



Top-blog on SAJR, over 3,000 reads @ avg time of almost 6 min, Howard's
It takes a Village to raise a Child - the Dangers of Poor Accessory choices


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